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  • When I use the Browser Uploader I am no longer able to select any of the image size radio buttons (except Full Size which is now for some reason the default).

    I am running WP 2.7, IIS, MySql, and PHP on a Windows Server 2003 machine.

    Opera (9.63) is my default browser. I have also tested this in Firefox (3.0.5). The results are exactly the same.

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  • I did find this bug report:

    It claims the bug was fixed, but it looks like maybe that was not the case.

    Incidentally, the Flash Uploader offers the same behaviour.

    If I look into the code produced by the new behaviour and compare that to the old behaviour we have another clue.

    Here is a post with an old image in it:

    Here is a post with a newly uploaded image in it:

    As you can see, the images are being coded into the post differently.

    The new images only have an <img /> tag, while the old images also have a [caption] tag and an <a href> tag (with their respective closing tags.

    This is very different and I don’t understand why it is behaving so differently.

    Are you running some kind of flash image previewer, slide show, etc. plugin? When I click the second link, and click on the image link, I get some sort of flash screen that tries to open the image.

    Try disabling that plugin and see what happens.

    I can go in and change the image size and add the caption using the image edit feature in WP after I have saved the post. When I do this the image code gets closer to what it was like before this problem arose.

    Namely, the [caption] tag is present, but the and its closer are still not present:

    I should be able to manually add the <a href> in (if it’s needed) and adjust the width parameter in the [caption] tag (which I am assuming will correct my thumbnail view and allow LightBox to do its thing.

    But this needs to be addressed systemically. I don’t want to have to make this a three stage process each time I upload an image.

    Well, it shouldn’t be a three step process…that’s why I asked about the plugin. Also, you are running WP on IIS…could be contributing to the probem and in that trac you referenced it talked about GD not being installed…maybe that is contributing to the problem in IIS.

    The problem isn’t a 2.7, core, problem…at least not that I can tell on any of my installs, so you need to look at simple stuff first…disable all plugins and see if that helps. Then look at more difficult stuff…

    figaro – Thank you for the suggestion. I have disabled that plugin and it has made no difference. All behaviours are the same.

    figaro – Sorry, bit of a lag there.

    I have disabled all plugins and the behaviour remains the same.

    In what way might IIS be causing problems?

    What is GD and why should I have it?

    In what way might IIS be causing problems?

    I can’t provide specifics since I don’t use an IIS server, but linux is recommended for best results with WP…and most other php/mySQL applications.

    In what way might IIS be causing problems?

    Google “GD library” to learn more…

    I haven’t made any IIS changes in a long time and nothing should have, as it were, changed on its own. Of course I am happy to test any IIS settings that might be related, but I’d have to first discover what/which settings to investigate.

    Ok, so GD is a code library.

    I have never installed it in the past. I don’t remember seeing anything about having to have this for WordPress.

    Is this something new? I never had this problem in the past.

    If it’s necessary, why isn’t there some documentation on it or why isn’t it included in the installation files?

    Because GD is a server program…not part of WordPress.

    I’m really not sure what else to suggest, so I’ll keep quite and maybe others can help you. Good luck.

    Thanks for your time. I really am at a loss. I’m not the only one having this sort of trouble apparently:

    I’m just not sure about this whole GD thing as I can’t find any official documentation from WP indicating that A) I need it and B) this represents a change from before 2.7.

    I’ve not been one to make changes willy-nilly.

    Also, I went back through and checked the permissions on a file I uploaded before this started just to make sure it was exactly the same as the file I tried to upload today. They match.

    Is there seriously no one at all that can point me to any official documentation from wordpress that this GD library is now required?

    No official documentation out there?

    WP made a systemic change which created a new requirment and no one wrote a white paper? URL?


    Ok, just so no one falls under the false impression that I’m lazy and don’t want to do the footwork myself, I have gone through the following resources searching for any mention of this change and the newly (allegedly) required GD library:

    Of course I started with the obvious sticky post:

    The download page:

    The Upgrade page (short):

    The Upgrade page (long):

    The system requirements page:

    I even did a google search on the site for “GD Library” but that largely returned support inquiries:

    I am getting nowhere. I have no idea what this library is, where I might get it, if it might in fact break something else (because it is not in fact recommended by WP), or if anyone from WP has any thoughts about the matter.

    This is very frustrating. Though I have to admit it’s not the only one my posts which is getting ignored here in these forums.

    A little help would be appreciated.

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