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  • I would like to make “Uploaded to this post” the default state for the media manager. Does anyone know the way to do that?


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  • I endorse the above request by cramdesign. need help. Can we further modify already available script that let wp uploader default to “upload files”?

    I LOVE a lot of the new features of WP 3.5 but the media gallery is crippling my site. Defaulting to “All Media Items” on an image heavy site pretty much locks of the screen for quite some time before you can even click on the dropdown to switch it to “uploaded to this post” which “SHOULD” be the default selection. What makes it worse is that its loading the FULL size images making the load times even smaller. In my case, i’m dealing with high res files (2-6MB) that are there for generating printable PDFs.

    I’ve been scouring the forums trying to find a way to hack this so that Uploaded to this post is the default (without using javascript after the page has loaded, which still causes the big delay).

    I’m now at the point where I am considering (are you sitting down?), modifying “wp-includes/js/media-view.js to make it do what I need. OH THE HORROR! but it may be the quick fix I need. OYE!

    Good point. Is that the best place to make this request? I can’t imagine I’m the first to point out the shortcomings of these default settings. Surprised it wasn’t fixed in 3.5.1. Regardless I posted my request here:

    Is that the best place to make this request?

    Yes. Just don’t have ALL your friends do the same 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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