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  • One of my blogs is a photo blog. A few days ago, I was still able to upload photos that would be automatically rotated by my install of WordPress to be right side up. This is the same functionality that iPhoto, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, etc. all offer – if you take a photo with a phone, for instance, and you take it “upside down”, the software will rotate it for you and show it to you right side up. My last two posts (yesterday and today), this has not happened. My install of WordPress refuses to rotate the images automatically. So, I’ve used the image editor inside my install of WordPress to rotate them so that they have the proper orientation. This works great for the full site, but then, when my site is viewed on a mobile device where WordPress is optimizing my site for mobile displays, WordPress rotates the photo again automatically so that my edits are undone/ignored and the photos display “upside down”, or with an orientation that has not been corrected. This seems like a new bug and support would be greatly appreciated here. Many thanks.

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  • WordPress has never rotated images automatically.

    Strange, it has for me since I’ve been using it on this blog beginning in mid Sept of this year. Thanks for your input, though. I’ll await some other replies.

    Andrew Nevins


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    Please link the site in question.

    Below is the site address. The most recent post is a photo that I know according to the EXIF data to be rotated. Notice how it appears “upside down” when viewed on a desktop (the full site), but when viewed on a mobile device, such as an iPhone, it appears “right side up” (the mobile site). Again, if I use the built in image editor in WordPress to correct the image orientation, then the reverse happens and it appears “right side up” on a desktop and “upside down” on an iPhone. You will notice that the second post down is the same picture and appears fine on both the full site and mobile site – I had to “correct” that one in GIMP on my desktop before uploading so that it would display as intended on both full and mobile sites. Again, I have not had to do that before with previous images on this same site that I uploaded as-is and that I know to be rotated according to the EXIF data. This is a new phenomenon over the last couple of days.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

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    It’s not you, or WP, it’s exif.

    Why Your iPhone Photos Are Upside Down & How To Fix That

    It’s not you, or WP, it’s exif.

    Why Your iPhone Photos Are Upside Down & How To Fix That

    Hi Ipstenu, thanks for your post. However, the article you linked to does not relate to the issue I am having. All photos on the site I provided the link to ( have been taken with the same iPhone 5. I am well aware that depending upon the orientation of the iPhone 5 and hence the built-in camera when a photo is taken, a photo may be taken right side up or upside down, and that the software on the phone will store the correct orientation info in the EXIF data. I thought I was explaining myself clearly in my previous two posts but perhaps I am not, so I will try again.

    My installation of WordPress, on a domain hosted by Dreamhost, interpreted the EXIF data on each photo I uploaded and rotated the photo accordingly since I started this blog in the middle of September. Only recently with the last few posts now has it stopped doing this automatically. What is more confusing is that when WordPress then optimizes my site for delivery on a mobile device like an iPhone, it in fact does interpret the EXIF data correctly finally and rotates it properly for display on a mobile device such as an iPhone but only for the mobile site, not for the full site.

    Nothing has changed in my equipment or my photo practice to explain this phenomenon. It is not an operating system issue (iOS/OS X/Windows/Linux/whatever), it is not an iPhone/Apple issue, it is not an issue with me taking the photos any differently than I ever have or taking them with the volume buttons as the article points out. It appears as though WordPress was interpreting the EXIF data correctly until now for both my full site and the mobile version of my site. Now, only over the last few days, it appears to interpret the EXIF data correctly only for when my site is optimized by WordPress on my domain hosted with Dreamhost for a mobile display like an iPhone display. When the full site is viewed, the picture displays opposite of what the EXIF data dictates the orientation should be.


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    I’m going to quote Otto:

    WordPress strips EXIF data from the auto-resized versions of the images as a side effect. What it’s actually doing is creating new images from the original, and not copying that data.

    However, the original image is saved as-is, with all EXIF information included. The original image is not modified in any way.

    So that said, you’re PROBABLY showing a smaller image for mobile and that’s why it’s getting weird. Did you change your theme or mobile display options lately?

    Thanks Ipstenu, perhaps we’re getting somewhere now. The catch though is that mobile is behaving properly, it’s the original image or full-size image or image displayed on the full site that is behaving strangely. Put another way, when I go to “Add Media” and then I upload a new image to my media library, the original image I upload with associated EXIF data appears in my library with the incorrect orientation. In other words, WP appears to be ignoring the EXIF data on the image until it optimizes that image and site for a mobile device. So, it appears incorrectly in my media library and on my full site, but correctly on my iPhone. If I use the image editor in WP to re-orient the image, then it appears correctly in my media library and on my full site but incorrectly when viewed on mobile. WP is doing the opposite things with the full and mobile versions of my site. I haven’t changed any settings since I started posting in mid Sept, but with this latest issue I’m considering a full reinstall. I would rather like to avoid that, though… have a โ€œlosslessโ€ Automatic Rotation from last year, May,2012.

    Is that a technical challenge in open source version?

    Hi. I’m also having a similar issues. Photos appear in the correct orientation on desktop browsers, but in mobile, some of the images are upside down.

    These images that are upside in mobile browsers, when I uploaded them (through the desktop browser), appeared in the media library upside down, and I rotated them to the correct orientation using the WP Image Editor. When I check the media library now (on my desktop browser), they are in the correct orientation.

    Any way to resolve them showing upside in mobile browser?

    For reference:
    Desktop browser: Chrome
    Mobile browser: Safari

    @tingc888: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Any luck with figuring any of this out? Still experiencing exact same problem as Absque

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