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  • Recent upgrade to WP 2.0. Using the built in uploader to add PDF files. It uploads fine, but when trying to link to the file in the post, the URL is wrong, its not appending the wp-content/uploads/datestructure/ to the file name. It works if I use the Link to Page option instead of Link to file, but thats not what I want to do. I just want the PDF to open up when clicked, not go to an archive page and then open.

    Hard to explain but here’s the example.

    The first two files were added manually some time ago before the upgrade so disregard them. The last two (medical release form) are where the problem lies.

    The first one used the Link to Page option. It opens an archive page which shows the proper link and opens the file. It works, but this is so clunky.

    The second link uses the Link to File option and as you an see the URL is incorrect.

    Anyone have any ideas? I’ve had this work on other sites but for some reason this one isnt cooperating.

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