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  • When I write a new post in WP2.0 RC1 and upload images using the tool on the same page, if I insert these images into the post they’re always very small. I just can’t figure out why. I have an image that is 265 pixel wide but once I uploaded it it was about 100 pixel or so. I even tried to remove image size declaration from html but the image that is saved on server in small so this hasn’t made any difference. Anyone with an idea what to do ?

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  • In fact, by default (why?) you have access to the thumbnail image… To solve your problem just click on the mini image below and choose “using original” and it will be ok…
    After, What I have seen also is that when you drag and drop it in your text, the image is small but you can simply resize it and if you have choosen the “using original” the image will be ok…


    Still, if you have “using original” set, when you drag it in it should use the original dimensions. I find myself always having to hit HTML and take out the width/height declarations.

    Simply use your mouse…it is WYSIWYG!

    It’s WYSIWYG, right? It’s also beta (+).

    The dragging part wasn’t easy in my first attempt (2.0 RC-1). I got the thumbnail size, and among the options for the image I didn’t get the “using original” one.
    Also the HTML editor came up empty, so there was nothing to do, Some tuning required I guess.

    Here’s my result:( please don’t permalink me as of yet )

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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