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    I have setup wordpress on an internal server to use as our intranet and am having problems uploading and viewing images. I figured out how to get them to upload. I had to go into the IIS and change the authentication type to ‘windows auth’ and disable ‘anonymous auth’. After that I could upload fine. The only problem is that when images are uploaded now the permissions on them don’t change.

    The thumbnails that wordpress creates have the correct permissions and are viewable in the browser but the originals have the same permissions that the ones on my desktop do and cannot be seen in the browser.

    Anyone have an intranet site set up and know a better way to do this or a fix for the permissions issue?


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  • Found the answer:

    If any of you like me are hosting your WordPress blog on a Windows machine you may have had issues when uploading images/media using the admin interface.

    When I tried to upload images or any media for that matter – it would upload but then the thumbnail of the image itself was greyed out. If I attempted to navigate to the URL of the image it would just display the classic red cross in the browser aka. Can’t find image!

    After a bit of research it seems that PHP puts uploaded items in the temp directory (‘C:WindowsTemp’) and then once the upload is complete wordpress copies the file to the wp-contentuploadsyearmonth folder.

    The reason that you cannot view the image in the browser is a permissions issue. When wordpress/php copies the image to the wordpress uploads directory it uses the permissions that are currently set on the temp directory.

    To fix this problem simply give the ‘IUSR’ account Modify permissions on the WindowsTemp directory and restart IIS.

    Next time you upload an image it should work correctly.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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