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    My images are not showing properly on published pages. I uploaded the images using WordPress Uploader, they are visible in the back end when I click “edit” etc. When the post is live it looks like the link is broken? Although when you click on the broken image it takes you to the correct image, so the link is not broken. Some work and some don’t even though I uploaded them all at the same time using the same method so that makes no sense to me at all.

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    Unless you provide a link to a page demonstrating the problem, no one will be able to offer much in the way of assistance.

    I mean, there’s a link right there at the bottom of my post, but here’s another one.



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    there’s a link right there at the bottom of my post

    We have no idea what pages you added images to and it very difficult to locate something that is “missing” without precise directions. A general site link is of no real use.

    As it stands, you appear to be using the Jetpack plugin to handle these images. Have you tried just inserting them without Jetpack?

    I don’t know how to do that nor was I aware Jetpack was handling these images. I was just using the uploaded available through wordpress. Is there a better way to handle these images then?

    Futhermore, this was not an issue until my two most recent posts although I don’t think I have changed any settings etc. since then.

    I deactivated the “carousel” function in Jetpack as well as “Photon” and the images are working now.

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