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  • I examine the following code I hooked into the Network/Sites list table:

    <?php echo get_blog_option($id, 'upload_path'); ?>
    <?php echo get_option('upload_path'); ?>

    Most sites, but especially my most recent blogs echo something like “wp-content/blogs.dir/219/files”. I presume this is normal, and end users can’t change this.

    However, a couple of my oldest blogs echo “wp-content/files”.

    And several others echo “wp-content/uploads”.

    I am running latest WP3.5.1 multisite, but it is on top of an install that is subfolder install I have faithfully updated since 2006. Any files uploaded on any of the sites seem to correctly go in and out of the blogs.dir as expected.

    My Question:
    Is it ok that I get this variety of values for the upload_path option? If not how to I change them? Which format for upload_path is correct?

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Not wonky 🙂

    If you install WP and Activate Multisite BEFORE 3.5, then your main site is in wp-content/uploads and all the children are in wp-content/blogs.dir… but they all show as wp-content/files on the front end.

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