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  • Hey guys!

    I’ve been working really hard trying to work this out but I’m not sure how to go about this. Basically I want to have 4 videos on my website that are only available on my website and don’t show up in search engines or on other sites such as YouTube.

    I tried to upload my finished .mov videos to YouTube, then made the videos private, whilst still embedding them on my webpage. Unfortunately this didn’t work. I now realise that YouTube will only play private videos to those that are already logged into a YouTube a/c (regardless of whether the vid is embedded on a site elsewhere). So that is no good to me.

    The next logical step was to try and simply upload my quicktime videos directly to my media library but I can’t do that because the max I can upload is 8MB and each video is around 250mb.

    I’ve read pages talking about increasing the upload space by using codes like this;

    memory_limit = 250M
    upload_max_filesize = 250M
    post_max_size = 250M
    file_uploads = On

    ….in the php file on server (I’m still not entirely sure how to do this though).

    The other thing I have heard is that it is better to use an FTP client if I’m looking to upload files of that size (250mb). Is this true? If so what do you do about security?

    I went on a hunt and found this page

    The link looks good, though I’m not sure if it is necessary to do what I want to do. It talks about using an FTL but doesn’t quite explain how I go about setting it up.

    Essentially I want to know what the best most efficient way is to setup videos for my wordpress website, that are only available on my site, without having to pay large sums of money?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • It is certainly simpler just to FTP up to a specific directory on your site — any size file — and then play them directly on the page by inserting the url into a plugin such as Alex Rabe’s WordTube. ( For that plugin they’d have to be .flv or .swf: but some other plugin may suit you more. )

    I don’t know exactly what you mean by security re FTP: the files have to get on the server somehow; once there you can give each file what permissions you want, but they have to be playable.

    As to privacy from search engines, you can edit your .htaccess file to exclude their bots from the whole site, or you could tick nofollow on the post page if you also install Yoast’s Robots Meta plugin; but I really doubt you can achieve privacy unless you close such posts to everyone except subscribers.

    Finally: ‘only available on my website’, they will very probably be watched and left alone, but there’s no way you could stop any viewer from downloading them: Firefox alone has a doxen extensions for that. Once something is on the web it is out of control; fortunately for there being an actual sharing web…

    Thanks Claverhouse for taking the time to reply. It’s much appreciated…

    This whole thing turned out to be very simple and I can’t believe I didn’t work it out in the first place. Simply upload the video on to YouTube and register the video as ‘Unlisted’ …problem solved. That was exactly what I was after. For some reason I didn’t notice it and thought the only options were ‘Public’ or ‘Private’.

    Never mind 🙂

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