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  • Hi, I have changed my wordpress template in photoshop. When I try to upload it by writing /wp-admin/install.php in my browser. It keeps on telling me that there is no wp-config.php – I have checked several times and I have followed the instructions. What can I do to upload the changes.

    best regards
    miss kato

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  • You cant change a template in photoshop .. 🙂 You will need to change the php and css files, unless its just some changes to a image file..

    If that is, youll need to FTP to the server and manually upload the new files to your wp-content/themes/themefolder .. Where is your wordpress install hosted?

    The changes is just a few changes in the image files. But how do I upload to my wp-content/themes/themefolder? My wordpress is hosted at

    On you do not (yet) have the ability to edit the exisiting themes.

    Where should it then be hosted? I did not even know that a wordpress could be hosted elsewhere:-)

    EDITED* Sorry…you posted before I did, you’ll have to find a host, either free or paid, and then upload it or use the Fantastico in the main Cpanel then to install it and stuff..

    And I was just over there at their support forums the other day, and like maybe 50% of the topics were locked/closed because of people asking about that, or wondering about that.. It’s a sad, sad, shame too… =(


    A good place to start with understanding WordPress and how it works is the codex, check the getting started guide.

    no problem:-) by host you just mean for example my own webpage – weblogging is a quite new experience for me…

    Please read the guide that Usayd has posted above for you, all that you need to know is in the first block called: Installation

    It has everything there you need to know, just click on each of those links (AND READ IT ALL) to know how to do what needs done.. =)


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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