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  • I want to store jpg files on my Google Drive account and then, when I need one as a Featured Image, upload it from my Google Drive account into my WordPress Media Library.

    That doesn’t sound crazy, does it? But all the WP-G’Drive plug-ins I see are about backing up or about embedding documents in a post. I just want to move a jpg file from one “drive” in the cloud (Google Drive) to another “drive” (or database) in the cloud (WordPress).

    Is there a way to do this?

    (Pasting the https URL of the jpg file on Google Drive into the “From URL” tab of the Set Featured Image pop-up dialog in WordPress doesn’t work — WordPress puts a big red X next to the URL right away. I can’t find any documentation on exactly why, or how to work around it.)

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  • You just upload it via Media Library

    When I go to Media Library and click Add New, my only options seem to be to upload files that reside on my local computer.

    Is there a way in the Media Uploader to upload a file that doesn’t reside on my local computer, but instead resides on my Google Drive account?

    My question is all about moving a jpg from one “cloud” datastore (Google Drive) directly to another cloud datastore (WordPress).

    Any ideas?

    no way to move from cloud to other

    I continue to research this question, and I’m becoming convinced that Kulwant is correct — can’t be done (today).

    To re-iterate: I want to walk up to any computer anywhere in the world; log in to my WordPress site; go to my Media Library; and upload a file that’s in my Google Drive “My Drive” folder.

    Does anybody have any idea if that capability exists anywhere?

    If it doesn’t, then let me ask this:

    Is the barrier simply the fact that WordPress would have to somehow log in to my Google Drive account to get access? Or are there deeper and more tangled technical issues in moving a file from one cloud server directly to another?

    Curious minds like to understand these things…. Any insights you could offer would be most appreciated.

    Charlie did you ever find the answer to this question? I too am looking for a way to access photos stored on my google drive. I don’t want to upload to the WP media library as I’m talking about 1TB of jpgs, and I’m already at 80% of my hosting servers storage limit. It seems a reasonable enough request to me: what I’m after is a plugin that either
    a) allows the media library to point to an external source (ie google drive, dropbox) **without bringing those files into local storage**
    b) a gallery plugin that pulls content directly from an external source.

    Can anyone help with this?
    PS I checked out a plugin called uploadcare – it works fine, but essentially it hosts the files on it’s own uploadcare storage which you have to pay for, and it’s quite expensive. As I’m already paying for extra google drive storage, this isn’t an option for me.

    Hi, Cathryn. I never learned anything more than what you see in this thread.

    Your question is a bit different than mine, so you should definitely start your own thread, if you haven’t already. With the way the storage landscape is changing, I think your request makes complete sense and would be a very powerful addition to WP.

    Back to my original question: I never did get any response from the technologically-savvy out there (and I know you’re out there!) about the main barrier for moving a file from one cloud datastore (ie Google Drive) to another cloud datastore (ie WP Media Library).

    Is the main technology barrier just that WP doesn’t know how to log in to my Google Drive account on my behalf? Or is there something deeper and trickier at work that makes moving a file from one cloud datastore to another cloud datastore hard to do? I’d love to understand this better.

    Hello Charlie, THanks for getting back to me. I have started another thread and will let you know if magic happens: in the meanwhile, is this plugin any use to you?

    Don’t know if it works but seems to do what you want. Let me know!

    Oh – and with regard to you question about the technology barrier – I think it’s simply that cloudspace has moved faster than plugin developers. Uploadcare manages to do it beautifully – from your dropbox, your googledrive, your facebook, or whatever – you just enter your login credentials and it pulls all available images from there. The only issue with that plugin is storage cost but in terms of technology it’s well and truly covered.

    Thanks, Cathryn. The plug-in you mentioned isn’t quite right, but UploadCare has a WP-Plugin here that appears to be perfect for my needs. The description seems to imply that you’re uploading to the Media Library (not to the UploadCare cloud), but I need to check it out to be sure.

    It appears your technology assessment is exactly right, and that UploadCare is the first plug-in developer to catch up with cloudspace.

    Ironically, I gave up my search in frustration eight months ago, and UploadCare released their plug-in … you guessed it … eight months ago! Thanks very much for getting me “back in the game,” Cathryn. Good luck in your search!

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