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  • sometimes it happens to me, that i upload an image file, which already exists in die gallery. During the upload process, I get no information, that this pictures already exists.

    Afterwards I see two entries of the same file -> but I have only one pyhiscal file on the server.

    Of cause I want to get rid of the useless new entry. Therefor I delete this entry, which results in a deletion of the physical image file on my server. After refreshing the gallery the thumb ob the first file entry is gone, the image files is gone, every page which conaings a link to this picture is broken…

    Workaround, that I have to make now to avoid loss of picture:

    1. Connect with FTP Client to my server and make a backup of the physical file
    2. in WP Gallery delete second entry of the file leading to deletion of the file on my server (not the first -> because this one is referenced by existing pages)
    3. Restore the physical file on my server with the backup file made in (1) via FTP Client
    4. Create a new thumbnail for first entry in WP Gallery

    A good solution would be:
    1. NextGEN upload checks if one (or more) files, which should be imported, already exist in the gallery
    2. if existing files are found, user should be asked what to do: overwrite existing files (no new entry), create a second entry with another filename or ignore these files during the import process.

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  • Good suggestion. I have encountered the same problem. What is probably easier as a workaround:

    1. Go to ‘Other options’ and set ‘Delete image files’ to NO.
    2. Go to the gallery and delete one of the duplicate images. This will delete the entry from the gallery, but leave the file on the server. The one with the highest ID is the latest upload.
    3. Set ‘Delete image files’ to YES again, if you prefer Nextgen gallery to handle deletion of files.

    Thanks for the hint – is a little bit easier than my way.

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