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  • Hi All

    I installed WP v2.0 few days ago – VERY impressed so far (like it much better then other large bloging engines I looked at in the past).

    Any way, when I tryed to use the upload section I got a PHP error, I dont recall the exact error (dont have access to the app. at this time) but it was about a missing brace ‘}’ in wp-admin/template.php file (line 164 if I recall correctly). When I read through the code it looked fine. Vi validated all trhe brace pairs so I assume it would be something in the include files or the way PHP handles multiple php tags. I will look into it more tonight, but want to know if anyone else already solved the issue – no point reinventing the wheel.

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  • where the hell is the upload section..

    Usually if you are going to use a program like blogjet or post2blog you have to go into options then miscellaneous and turn on UPLOAD.. but the bloody thing isnt there in 2.0..

    where is it?

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