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    Im trying to get this work with my wordpress page but I dont seem to get it to work as I would want it to work.

    The thing that im trying to accomplish is this

    User uploaded posts with images IN the post

    what im getting is this

    Post is made image is uploaded but not shown in the post only gets uploaded on the website not showing anywhere

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  • HI Hapankaali,

    I found same , this plugin is not working.

    I have tested in Two different Website but it is not working.

    I’m finding the same problem. Could it be the wordpress version?

    I am having the same problem. Your advice would be highly appreciated.

    I am also having this exact problem, any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated

    Well one thing that is for sure is that there is no support for this plugin. I can tell you that just by looking at all of these unanswered questions in here.

    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    This is a feature of 1.0 – just add append_to_post='1' to your shortcode, and images will be auto appended to post

    `[fu-upload-form append_to_post=’1′]

    safeinsanity, this is covered in readme, as well as all other options/arguments for shortcodes.


    Here is the syntax I use:

    [fu-upload-form form_layout=”post” append_to_post=’1′]
    [input type=”file” name=”photo” id=”ug_photo” class=”required” description=”Your Photo” multiple=”multiple”]

    … but can’t see the image loaded with the post . The image is loaded in the media library but not showned while displaying the post.

    What could be wrong ?


    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    @chti56 – you need to use form_layout = ‘post_media’

    I did that and he result is the same.
    Here is the syntax i’m using:

    [fu-upload-form form_layout=”post_image” ]
    [input type=”file” name=”photo” class=”required” description=”Your Photo” multiple=”multiple” append_to_post=’true’]

    I post something and attach an image but when i display this post there is no image showned.

    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    [fu-upload-form form_layout="post_image" append_to_post="1"]

    Same result.

    Here is te code:

    [fu-upload-form form_layout=”post_image” append_to_post=’1′]
    [input type=”file” name=”photo” class=”required” description=”Your Photo” multiple=”multiple”]

    The image is correctly stored in the library but is not display with the post.

    Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    [fu-upload-form form_layout="post_image" append_to_post='true']
    [input type="file" name="photo" class="required" description="Your Photo" multiple="multiple"]

    What does you mean in your reply ?
    It looks like what i use …
    I already used ‘append_to_post=’true’ without any change.

    How can i lad video fils (.avi, .mov or else) ?
    I tried to join a .avi file and it does not appear in te post.

    Hi, everybody. The main problem of a plug-in – is the field for the choice of category, but it doesn’t work. Files all the same go to the section (private). Why?

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