• Hi,

    I have been testing the Ultimate Member plugin on my website and have noticed a couple of small issues that I cannot seem to fix.

    On the User Profile page, I’ll try to upload a custom profile image and run into two problems.

    1. Often, when I click the profile image to select ‘Upload Photo,’ the page reloads, causing a frustrating loop.

    2. When I successfully manage to upload a custom image, after clicking on My Account, the image is not there, and when I go back to the Profile page the image has disappeared.

    (Further issue, not sure if relevant in this forum but if anyone knows the fix, please let me know: I’m also using WPForo Forum Plugin – is there a way to get the Ultimate Member Profile Photo to sync to the forum profile?)


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    Hi @paulweller84,

    This issue can be caused by theme/plugin conflicts, can you please do a quick conflict test and see if this issue goes away. Here is the doc on how to do a conflict test if you are not sure.

    If you have any caching plugins installed or server side caching active, please exclude Ultimate member pages from the cache and see if this helps.

    I’m afraid, the Ultimate member can be only integrated with bbPress, you can check our bbPress extension here.


    I have the same problem. I have an image upload field as a profile photo for the users on my registration form but the uploaded image is not displayed on the user profile page. I have also done the conflict test but it seems there is no problem on our side.Can you please help regarding this bug?


    Hi @ultimatemembersupport

    I have already done the conflict test but still the uploaded photo is not showing up in the user profile page. What should we do now?

    Kindly please help!

    Kind regards.



    I am having the exact same issue here. Has been going on for at least the past week. I’ve deactivated all plugins and reactivated one by one. None seem to be having any issues. Please advise what is going on here!



    Hi Guys,

    any progress? I’m unable to upload photos despite going through all the trouble hsooting steps,, i’m using ultimate member 2.0, p.s. found some other bugs but not sure where to report them.




    Same problem here. Seems to be an issue with the “user” page.



    I have just noticed that the image loads when I enter debug mode in Chrome. Is the back-up image not found when an error occurs? It’s for a different image under some circumstances. I’m using Mac OS 10.13.3 if that helps?

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    Hi …. I am having the same problem. We can’t upload profile images either. Everythng used to work like a charm. We get a forbidden message. I also followed the instructions to no avail. Any help for a novice would be appreciate. I’m a volunteer webmaster for a teacher’s site.
    Thank you.

    Same problem here. I can’t upload a profile picture.

    Same problem here. I can’t upload a picture.

    Проблеме с загрузкой фото Ultimate Member решена. Проблема была в том что в форме указал максимальный размер файла в КБ а надо было в битах…. Дурная голова…

    The problem with uploading photos of Ultimate Member is solved. The problem was that in the form indicated the maximum file size in KB and it was necessary in bits …. Bad head …

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