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  • Of course I can upload pdf files, but I’d also like to create a thumbnail of the first page of the pdf. That way users could get a glimpse of the file before they decide to download it. Does anyone know if there is anyway to do this?

    Ideally, I’d like WP to generate the thumb just like from an uploaded jpg.


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    I believe you’re limited to what image file formats your server can edit. My best suggestion would be to scale down a screenshot of the PDF to thumbnail size on your computer, upload both, and post with the thumbnail image linked to the PDF file.

    Thanks. I was hoping to avoid doing it on the desktop. I’m thinking about/planning to use WP for a website for the English department at my uni. One thing we need is for teachers to uplaod worksheets, tack on notes and instructions, then let students download them. WP could do all that with little fuss, but the students also need visual prompts for what to download. This is in Japan.

    We could certainly do what you suggest, but these are English teachers we are talking about. Some people will be OK, but others will have trouble with multiple steps, resizing, etc.

    Also, I just found this “* When using ImageMagick, create a thumbnail of a PDF for media browsing (nohn, garvinhicking)” on a page about another php program Serendipity

    Is that what you mean by server limitation? So, maybe if I change hosting companies WP will generate thumbs of pdfs? That would be excellent.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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