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  • Whenever I attempt to add a new image, it hangs at crunching.

    This is a new wordpress installation with a new mysql database.

    I have tried adding: AddType x-mapp-php5 .php to .htaccess which didn’t seem to work with me.

    My provider is 1and1…

    Anyone have any troubleshooting tips?

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    Uploading images larger than a few megs takes memory and processing time, and 1and1 is known for giving very little RAM in their hosting accounts. Ask them how much memory they provide and possibly get an upgrade.

    Did you solve it, just experienced the same problem! Just testing through all plugins and themes…;()

    Sooo..finally for me it was the dimensions of the images. Not the size of the files, but the dimensions… Maybe this helps you. I am currently trying to find out why there is no error message or something else… 😉

    The Problem that it hangs at crunching, is that the call to async-upload.php returns an empty string, but should return the new id. Then the second call to async-upload.php where the file should be crunched isnt executed... Maybe something with the image library..ill tell you if i find out…

    I have similar problem, when I try to use ADD MEDIA button, error comes up saying:
    “Unable to create directory uploads/2013/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”

    Based on other posts on this website, lot of folks are experience similar problems after updating with 3.5.

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    @iceberger12 and @clubdesign: start your own threads; your issues are different than @ryanrafferty‘s.

    @iceberger12: a search for that error will tell you it’s a permissions problem. See Changing File Permissions « WordPress Codex

    @clubdesign – thanks for the tip. it turned out to be the dimensions for me as well. Did you ever solve this? It would be really annoying if I had to manually cut down a few images in a batch exceeding a certain dimension.

    the only thing I can think of is that’s it’s a host issue (as suggested by @songdogtech). I will add a custom php.ini to my site and see if upping the max size and execution time help.



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    @lyndonr: which part of ” start your own threads” did you miss?

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