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    I tried to upload an image as a test and I got an error message saying the image did not upload with a code #98 in the error window. I am using a third party theme and I attempted this in “manage/posts” the image was a .jpg i downloaded from gettyimages for this test. thoughts? thanks, r

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  • Here is a bit more info…I was told = Check to make sure the upload directory in wp-content exists and is CHMOD set at 777.

    I replied = i am not real sure what you are asking. I looked at wp_content and the only folders there in content are “themes” and “plugins” and the index.php file. Did I look in the right place?

    I inserted a new folder named “uploads” in the wp_content folder and confirmed that CHMOD is set at 777.

    I tried to upload the jpg again via wordpress admin window and no luck = same error code. Thoughts?

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