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  • Up until this morning I was able to upload images just fine on both of my blogs.

    I would click “upload”, I would browse for the file, give it a title, a description, and click the “upload” send button. It would then show the thumbnail of the file in the browse tab in the upload manager area and give me a chance to “send to editor”.

    No there is no browse or browse all tab. At all. It SEEMS to take the image, but only defaults to a blank upload window. Help!

    Permissions on the upload folder and sub folders are correctly set to 777.

    No new plug ins have been installed.

    All was working for months until today.

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  • I am not having the same problem as well. The thumbnail photo is no longer being offered, only a standard blue link to the photo.

    Any thoughts?

    I am not getting even a link.

    This has happened on all three of my 2.3 sites as well. I have installed a couple of upload style plugins and now can’t get the upload to refresh after the upload occurs. If you refresh the screen the browse button is there an you can see the image you just uploaded but until you refresh it is just a blank. Very frustrtating as it is holding me up from allowing users to get on. i have 1 more to build but I don’t want to get started on it until I know why this has happened.

    On 2.2, my version, refreshing the screen does not help.


    I have to add my $0.02 worth to this:
    WP 2.3/CentOS
    All plugins deactivated (just to be 100% sure)
    Everything else works out of the box as advertised.

    These are the symptoms:

    Sometimes the upload dialog reappears after the upload, other times clicking “Upload” causes the whole dialog (page section) to disappear. Meaning: that section of the write posts page is blank. Neither image type or image size seems to have an effect that can be documented.

    Sometimes uploading an image succeeds, except the thumbnail option/radio button above “send to editor” fails to appear. Now I can duplicate (on the occasions the entire upload area is visible, that is) the problem, and it does seem to be related to image size. So I hacked around and eliminated php memory limitations, plus the megapixel limit – however the problem still exists.

    Several other people on different servers also running 2.3 have reported the exact same symptoms to me. I’m on a dedicated box, but can also reproduce these symptoms on a virtual host. My colleagues are on virtual hosting boxes.

    On my dedicated and virtual boxes I’ve adjusted permissions on wp-content/uploads to something far more liberal than I’m comfortable with, and ownership is per the httpd.conf, meaning that the web server can read and write to the directories it needs to.

    Is there a workaround for either of the issues above? Is there a plugin that can assume this functionality? A search has so far revealed nothing meaningful.

    WordPress gurus; we could use some guidance as to why this is happening.

    Regards & TIA,

    yes same problem here

    I am not having the same problem as well. The thumbnail photo is no longer being offered, only a standard blue link to the photo.

    Any thoughts?

    I’m having the exact same issue. I don’t know exactly how it started, but when I upload an image, I get a blue text link. When I click the button to “Send to editor” all it does is put the description text in the editor, where it should be the photo. Also, the URL that the blue image points to is correct when browsing the images. What gives?

    I’ve taken some screen shots and posted them here…

    Please help!

    I too am having this problem. The screen caps from Flickr are exactly the same on my site. I had thumbnails when I was using 2.1, then they disappeared, which prompted me to upgrade to 2.3 in the hopes of the new version fixing the problem. Still no luck. I’ve been posting images my sending them to the editor as links and changing the tag from “<a href” to “<img src” but that’s starting to get old. And browsing my files by title is frustrating as all get out.

    If anyone has any suggestions I’d be grateful. I’ve re-installed 2.3 a number of times, and even removed all my plugins…

    Help :S

    ~Flynn – comic updating 5 days a week.


    This problem seems to be caused by version 8.5 and 8.6 of the PodPress podcasting plugin. Version 8.7 is soon to be released and will fix this error.

    ~Flynn – comic updating 5 days a week

    I’m not even running PodPress.

    All of a sudden, after it has supposedly uploaded the Upload box disappears.

    When I refresh and Browse for it, it’s there but I the thumbnail option isn’t available.

    Is there some weird bug?

    Found out the reason.

    Image height was larger than 1024.

    I tried implementing the WordPress thumbnail limit hack to:


    (Because admin-functions.php has been deprecated)

    Changed: 3 * 1024 * 1024

    To: 8 * 2048 * 2048

    But still had the thumbnail problem. Don’t understand why. 🙁

    So now have to adhere to 1024 max.

    Just today appeared the thumbnail problem to my blog. I’m using WP 2.3.3 and it was working fine to now. But I have not the send thumbnail option anymore.

    I installed no new plugins and uploaded no new files. Yesterday it was working today it is not…. 🙁

    Just have the options to send the full size image or the standard link. Pictures are no so big (640×480 max) and the thumbnail gets created in the server…

    Any help will be welcome.

    Hi! I can see that I am not alone in my frustration! My Flickr upload/browse section is not working at all. The little “wheel” just spins and spins. Do I need to download some special program for this to work? It worked before I updated WP and now does not. I confess to my limited computer skills but I roll along rather smoothly when just blogging and posting pictures in each entry. Now I can’t even put pictures in my posts.

    I see that the last post on this subject was two weeks ago. I’m guessing that you got yours fixed. Could one of you help me?

    Thank you so much!


    no new installs, image upload just stopped working

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