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    I’ll try to keep this tap open so I won[t lose my place.


    My name is Nia. This is about uploading images to be used for a cutline header to (Secondarily, I need instructions as to how to update the security pak, or the updated version of WP issued about 30 days ago) i’ve downloaded t and uploaded it to the serer but I don’t know where to upload it/ I di find instrucitons for installation/activation if I recall…for upgrading the site but itey didn’t seem to start at the point where one uploads the item from to BlueHost to a named specific folder…

    I uploaded jpeg images to Blue Host
    uploaded to the folder
    “04”, inside of
    >”2007″, inside of
    >>”uploads”, inside of
    >>>”wp-content”,inside of
    >>>>”me2ultimate”, inside of
    >>>>>”public_html”, residing on a Blue Host computer

    Under the “Manage” tab of my WP adminstrative section
    <<“Browse All”
    …cicking this tab result inan imagined shudder or blink but no desired results.

    The images by the way have ben uploaded to “04” file, the “uploads” file (and NO subfile inside) and maybe some otherplaces too….

    Okay, once I get these images inside i will want to save them as
    * header_1.jpg
    * header_2.jpg
    * header_3.jpg
    * header_4.jpg
    * header_5.jpg
    etc. I have 14 images. I will then need to combine the random image rotation pluggin for cutline, which I ahave upladed, with the images.
    I imagine that this will take me quite some time to figure out, even assisted. I hope that I have been clear and that perhaps you have some clues for me. I though that perhaps the docments could not be seen by the WP software…
    perhpas I need to change a lense or chage a form….I will see if I can convert the bath, one by one to .gif…or something…Oh, maybe I have to upload the images as a unit i…you know on my desktop, create a folder “05” and put the images inside then via the FTP Manager at Blue host upload the entire folder into…but I didn’t see, even the “04” folder….so maybe it’s the lens I’m (WP is) looking through

    I’ll keep trying different tings. Fist I’m going to take a bath, I’ve been up 26 hours. This is pretty interesting

    Any clues or maybe a link to instructions, all appreciated

    All the best,
    Nia. 🙂

    I iwll try to simply remove the image now from my site….

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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