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  • Yes, it’s enabled. I’ll say it again, it’s enabled. ;P
    Secondly all of my buttons appear and so forth. The image “seems” to upload just fine. On the post however, appears the dreaded red x from hell.
    I right click on the x to check out properties. The address for the image says “” so I head to my root. I check out the images folder and no “bush.jpg” can be found. Fairly weird eh? I ftp’d the file manually and it shows up. Same addy same everything. Any suggestions?

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  • Did you check file permissions?

    I have had the same problem. For some reason, WP is not putting the image file in the folder it says it is. Because I found it elsewhere when I was FTPing some other things on my site! I don’t know what the fix is for this.

    File permissions checked and double-checked.
    Sounds like I’m gonna have to go file diving to find the source of the problem. Cover me boys I’m going in!

    Worked for me, uploaded the file to the directory I specified on the 4/29 build.

    So they’re kicking out a new version of this every night? How do you upgrade?

    search… has been asked and answered 1000s of times.
    u download a nightly.
    upload the files except for custom template and css and other stuff.
    and run upgrade.php in wp-admin.
    and if blog stops working, u DO NOT blame anyone! :p
    coz its not recommended for production blogs.

    i promise i’m not an idiot – but what falls under the category production blogs?

    production blog from what i gathered is anything that you run/create/show to the public or is in use as opposed to one that you’re not using or just testing things out on or something like that
    i think
    why didn’t i think to have to blogs running…one to test and one to use!
    /brainless me

    production blog is the blog that u actually use. the blog which if gets messed up make u mad. 🙂

    and makes people call you brainless for doing so?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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