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    I am attempting to start an MP3 blog for local artists, and my installation is WordPress 2.0.3.

    Everything is working beautifully, except it wouldn’t allow me to upload files because of the restrictions of the “php.ini” file. My host set me up with my own “php.ini” file and the PHP troubleshooting site on how to work with it. After reading the troubleshooting site, I edited the file to have this information:

    register_globals = On
    post_max_size = 12M
    upload_max_filesize = 12M
    upload_tmp_dir = "/home4/tylersticka/temp"

    The upload temp directory exists and was CHMOD appropriately.

    Now, I no longer get the “upload_max_filesize” error in WordPress, but after a certain amount of time it gives me a much more enigmatic error:

    This script was not meant to be called directly.

    This error pops up in place of the “upload box” after a few minutes of attempting to upload the file. It only does this with large files; never with images or anything under 1MB.

    I tried searching the forums for other occurences of this, and couldn’t find anyone that gave enough information as to what they had done already to solve the problem. I’m not immensely knowledgable in PHP, but is there a possibility of something “timing out” in the process of uploading the file?

    Any and all knowledge, links, help and/or support you could volunteer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  • D’oh! After much frustration and communication with my host, it turns out when setting up my own “php.ini” they misspelled my last name in the directory name; upon swapping the two misplaced consonants, it works like a dream.

    I will mark this resolved, and my apologies to any and all who wasted their time with it! I shan’t be so hasty in the future.

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