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    I have been reading through articles and a number of help documentation from a number of different sites including the cloudinary.com site. The issue is I want to be able to select the folder(s) in which I can upload media to. There is no documentation on how to select which upload folder(s) I can upload media to. In the media library, it only uploads it to the main upload folder, where I have a number of other folders to choose from.

    How can you select the folder to upload to from the plugin settings, when you already have media in the media library? I do not want to have to select the folders from the cloudinary media library upload section in the plugin since once I do that I cannot select those images to be used in any of my Advanced Custom Fields items which use images.

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  • Plugin Author Cloudinary


    Hi, @trevans24 The version 2.0 of our plugin allows to choose the folder in which images would be uploaded to.

    Would that help?

    You could download that version from here.

    Note that the plugin is currently in beta. So we recommend making sure backups are in place before doing any major changes.
    also please note that in order to use version 2.0, ane previous versions should be removed (rather than just disabled)

    Let us know if that helps?

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