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  • Hello,

    I have a normal WordPress 3.4.2 installation on my server. But I want to move the upload folder to another server with a different domain name. Is it possible to move all the uploads and to make wordpress upload future files on this new server? I know there is a option in the settings to change the folder, but I can’t change the server, because wordpress needs the FTP-settings to upload to that site, but WP never asks for them.
    Do you know a solution?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Does this actually work? I have no idea, and have never tested such a thing…..

    It does works! Thanks! Just make sure that you have a separate public ftp password and folder because the password can be found in the source code in plain text.

    Yeah… I waas trying to think through that

    This type of security is not my thing at all, so I’m not at all sure of any security implications here

    I was also going to recommend trying a cdn plugin – I use w3 total cache, which has cdn capability built in – I then just use my own server as a cdn.

    Same sort of thing there – maybe more secure? Just another thing to look in to

    True… I’m trying to make it secure by making a new public ftp user without writing rights. But the problem is that WordPress can’t write files to the ftp-server either if you make it read-only. It’s a bit complicated, I’m going to take a look at your solution.

    The CDN seems to be the ultimate solution. I’m waiting for my new server to be aproved and after that I’m goning to test it. Thanks a lot!

    Now I’m trying to setup the cdn, but it keeps uploading the files to the FTP server. But I’ll solve that later. Now, my big question is: Does the CDN delete all the media files on the wordpress server? I hope it does, because I need to save a lot of space. Or does anyone knows a plugin that does this?

    I see that this is old topic but for those who stumble here, CDN does not delete anything from your server. Thinks of it as a first class mirror. If something is on CDN than it will be served by CDN, if not than it will be fetched from your server and cached into CDN, than on future requests that resource (css, js, image) will load from CDN. I am not sure but only logical to me is that if you delete resource from your server it will get deleted from CDN after some time. Probably not instantly but in some small amount of time. I guess that CDN checks now and than if resource is still available on your server.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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