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  • Hi,
    I have just downloaded and tested wordpress a bit.
    What I found most obvious is that WordPress has no option to upload/attach files like e.g. images.

    If someone publishes something then an easy file or image uploader could be of interest.

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  • Ummmmmmm….. check your admin section under Options/Miscellaneous.

    Hmm. Nev’mind maybe. I see that you can activate “upload”, but I don’t see anywhere to actually do that. Since I’d never allow anyone that sort of access myself, I didn’t realize it was problematic.

    Thanks: I will do that now.

    And of course, now that I’ve refreshed the thing, I see that there’s an actual “Upload” tab…. so much for how much I know!

    [says the folder you designate has to be writeable, be sure you do that….]

    Gess I am still missing out on some details 🙂


    Moderator James Huff


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    Have you checked your admin section under Options/Miscellaneous yet?

    The rest looks great.
    Now I only have to modify the skin so that the width is self adaptable.
    Right now the wordpress is prepared for 800px wide screens which looks HORRIBLE on 1600px wide screens.

    Guess I will change the DIV width to % unit and adapt the pics so that also the header and stuff adapts automatically.

    Take a look at there’s no doubt some full-width themes there.

    [I have that problem myself, which is why I run wp on my “dev” screen, 1024×768….]


    I meant: I usually work with IPB, thats where I got my forum.
    There all menus are on the left, vertically.
    Here the options are dosplayed individually and on top of the page.
    I usullay look at vertical menus first lmaoooooo

    Ah! I thought you meant details about the upload…. sorry!

    <i>”Take a look at there’s no doubt some full-width themes there.”</i>

    I will, thanks for the tip. 🙂

    And I still have to get used to the tags which can be used here lmaooo

    You’re welcome! Post back in “Your WordPress” when you’re set up….

    under: “” I find now:
    “This blog has been archived or suspended temporarily.”

    guess have to pop in later lmaoooo

    Oh jeez…. didn’t realize that. Sorry! Okay, try starting here, there’s a couple of other archives listed:

    [[Ooops…. typing faster than I can think as usual, should have been…. space cadet, blonde AND senior today!]]

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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