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  • Plugin Author Rinat Khaziev


    Hey Erick,

    There are PHP and WordPress settings that affect max upload size.

    Here’s a good tutorial on how to fix php settings.

    If your site is in multisite network, be sure to check Network Settings.

    Erick B


    Thank you for quick response. I will take a look and post my results.

    Erick B


    I have tried this as well as contacting my Host Provider (Host Gator).

    It seems to be something in the plug in where I can upload a 5 MB photo but when trying to upload a 5 MB zip it fails.

    You can upload a ZIP file with 500KB no problem, but when you upload a 1MB zip it fails.


    Erick B

    Erick B


    Works with all other files was unable to get ZIPPED files over 500k to upload successfully. If you have any other suggestion would be helpful.

    Can get other up-loaders to work with large ZIP so I know its not my Host or file restrictions.

    Any other suggestion would be helpful.




    I’m able to upload Zipped files over 5MB. Check if you can upload another files that are ‘application/something’, e.g.: RAR, 7z, TAR, GZ, etc.

    Another thing to test:
    did you try to send on different browsers?

    Erick B


    I did not try other browsers. It was with RAR files. Other files work. I will try other browsers to see if this fixes it. Good feedback thank you.

    When uploading an archive larger than my max upload size, rather than showing an error message on the form I instead get wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’s 0 message. When an upload is too large PHP or Apache seem to clear all $_POST and $_FILES data so I get the default admin-ajax.php message.

    Is there a way to detect if the upload is too large and return to the form with an appropriate error message?

    Figured out my issue above. If the upload size is above post_max_size $_POST and $_FILES will be empty. You can fix your plugin by making the form action admin-ajax.php?action=<your action> so your AJAX event is still triggered. There you can check for non empty $_SERVER[‘CONTENT_LENGTH’] with empty $_FILES and $_POST as per and output an error message about upload being too big.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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