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    I am using a theme called Creative by Nature. The feature that uploads pictures, music, video etc, for lack of a better term, doesn’t work. I need to open it in a new tab, nothing happens when I hit the icons above the post composition field. I can enter information into the fields in the prompt to upload media, but nothing happens when I hit upload.

    I’m sure there is something wrong with the theme, everything else works fine. I didn’t touch any of the related files as far as I know. What I am asking is that can I upload a cleaner file that would make this feature work?

    Add post/page feature for this theme is kind of bare compared to other themes I use. I pretty much have to write all the HTML into the field.

    This is a lazy person’s question, I don’t really mind writing the HTML to insert the pics etc, but I really want to start posting more frequently, and obviously this takes up a lot of time.

    The moral of this story is what is the file(s) that control the Add page/post feature? Can I upload one from another theme? What would I have to change in the code of the other files to make this work?

    I hope this makes sense and thank you for your help. Here is the site I am talking about:

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  • wpsuperhero


    Hi are you certain it’s not a permissions issue.
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    Hi rob, I don’t think so. I have other sites hosted in the same place and I haven’t had that problem. We are getting into territory where I might not know what I am talking about though.



    I don’t get prompted with an error message or anything, as far as I know all the links are dead I have no idea. I can upload photos and other files via the “Add Media” feature but I have to go to the Browser uploader. As far as I know everything regarding my browser is up to date.

    Usually I just manually upload them to my server via FTP and write in the HTML when posting a photo.

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