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    Also tried the 2.0.10 (beta) which should solve the issue.
    Here the add gallery page tells me, that
    “You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support.”
    well it is the latest Chrome and Firefox, so something is buggy here as well.

    Plugin Author photocrati

    (@photocrati) We’ve pushed out 2.0.11. Can you try that, and if you are still having update problems please consider submitting a bug report with login credentials so we can troubleshoot and resolve this for you?



    Negative for me too, I’m on the latest chrome and WP 3.6 + 2.0.11. Also cannot upload folder, so basically I can’t upload any photos now!

    Used to be able to upload on WP3.6 + 2.0.7….



    I just tried the 2.0.11 in wpms got a huge error while updating.

    also i got new backend errors. It still does not work in wpms and i am giving up on you guys.

    see the image attached

    dont you test stuff before you release updates?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hi all – NextGEN 2.0 isn’t fully multisite compatible, which is probably why you are seeing some errors. 1.9.13 actually wasn’t either, though I know some people managed to get it to work.

    We’re actually working on multisite compatibility this week. Within the next couple days, we should be testing an internal beta. If that goes well, we’d be happy to provide it to those of you using multisite so you can see if resolves your issues. Even as a beta, it’s likely to work much better than the current live branch for multisite installations.

    If you are interested in receiving a beta with multsite fixes – please submit a bug report and just say add us to the list for a multi-site beta when it’s available.

    One other note: I will also add that even though 2.0 is not fully multisite compatible, you should definitely be able to activate with out problems. So if are actually getting an error when activating, can you also submit a bug report and possibly include login credentials so we can see what’s happening?




    Now I can’t even open the upload button to upload the images.
    In version 2.010 I could open it, but it didn’t upload the images!!!
    Now it tells me this: You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support.

    I am using a multisite with the theme twenty ten

    So add me to the list for a multi-site beta when it’s available, please.



    I’ve buyed NextGEN Pro and I’ve make the following steps:

    1 – no upgrade of Next gallery 1.9.3. to 2.0.11 but deactived the old one and after I’ve proceed with a new installation of the last release.
    Result: no Next gallery icon on toolbar.
    Solve: reactivating the old release together with the new one, the icon reappeared.

    2 – but if I tried to uploading images no possibility to do this: “Your browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support”. It is possible if I deactivate Next gallery 2.0.11.

    3. – I’ve at last removed the old version and I’ve now just the Next galler 2.0.11 and Next Gen Pro. No possibility to upload images. The same error: “Your browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support”.

    I hope that one Photocrati member can give me the solution (the same solution that I’m waiting with “one-one support” after that I’ve buted Next Gen Pro…).

    Thanks in advance.



    ***The one-one support*** is going



    Running 2.0.11 with Chrome 29.0.1547.57 m and IE 9, both don’t work I have multi site running and was fine before upgrading to 2.0.11 Now can’t upload photographs.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @mthule – The WordPress Mods would prefer that NextGEN Pro – support related questions NOT be posted here in the forums. Please contact us through your NextGEN account here: for support.

    We’re still working on the update for multisite compatibility. The plugin should work OK on the main site install, but it won’t be fully compatible yet. Please continue to submit your bug reports here: with login credentials (they would allow us to accelerate the rate in which we provide a working solution in one of the next updates). *Please do NOT post your login credentials in the forum. Thanks!




    Sorry Becky

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @mthule – No problem, you didn’t know. 🙂




    I’m Just echo’ing the “You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support.” on a multisite issue.

    I would like to be included in your multisite beta tests. I have a client that is need of your plugin quickly and we are stalled by the ongoing issues.




    Becky, will you please let us know when the multisite add photos is available (following this thread). Really want to use this plugin, unfortunately I’m in the same boat regarding adding photos.

    Thank you


    Plugin Author photocrati


    @vinchenze – Will do. We’re testing our beta right now that will hopefully resolve all multisite related issues. Not sure exactly when this beta will be available, but I’ll let you all know as soon as it is. 🙂


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