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  • Okay, maybe I’m just making things out to be more difficult than they seem, but the readme file when you get wordpress tells you at step four to “upload everything”. Does this mean take every file that came with the installation, and put it into your webhosting server?

    Because while looking through all the files in all the folders, there are multiple index.php files, and obviously you can’t have more than one. So……what’s goin’ on there?

    Sorry.. this must be incredibly n00bish.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Do you have 4 folders and several files when unzipped the downloaded .zip file? If not, try to unzip again and keeping the directory structure.

    Yes, there are four folders and multiple files without a folder.

    Do I upload the ones out of the folder and all the ones in seperate folders onto my webhosting server? If so, do I just put them all in different subdirectories?

    You should upload EVERYTHING as they are! Do you have FTP access and a ftp client?

    Yeah… but it’s not like you can upload a folder. You have to upload the contents of the folder seperatly, and if I were to upload everything from every folder, it’d all be uploaded to one spot on my FTP, and that just wouldn’t work.

    Which is why I’m asking, do I need to upload the things that aren’t in a folder, and then the things that are in folders, but them in a SUBdirectory…..?

    PUT*** not but..

    Mark (podz)


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    In Filezilla, I can highlight all the folders / files then right-click and select Upload.

    How are you getting the files there ?

    What kind of FTP you have? YES, you can upload a folder with a “normal” ftp client. You just highlight all the files and folders and hit “upload”. That’s it.

    I’m using Yahoo as a webhost, FTP, MySQL, PHP – everything. And it doesn’t allow folder uploading. But you have answered my question anyway. Considering you can’t do the folder thing, it must mean that these files need to be kept seperate..

    Thanks for the help =3

    And it doesn’t allow folder uploading
    It’s hard to believe…
    And the answer is: the folder and file structure has to be EXACTLY the same as you have it on your computer.


    Mark (podz)


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    Can’t you use FileZilla ?
    I’m amazed that yahoo won’t let this happen… have you tried their tech support ? After all, WP is tiny compared to some apps. Codex is hosted by yahoo and compared to a WP install, it’s massive.

    I have yahoo webhosting as well, I think emaleth was talking about the Yahoo Easy Upload can only up load 20 files at a time(NOT whole Folders), and if you do it that way, you have to manually create folders and subfolders!

    Everything worked alright..except now I have to deal with a database error. lol

    don’t know if you know this, but “localhost”, is “mysql” is the 1% that had to change this!

    I did it manually as well..I wanted to know exactly where everything was..don’t know why tho!!lol

    Lol.. and yeah.. I did it manually like a retard…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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