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    The logo is entered on your DHL Business portal and then you need to place the reference number into the DHL for WooCommerce plugin settings.

    Do you mean the input field “Shipper Reference”? Beyond that there are not other fields in DHL for WooCommerce plugin setting. Where do we find the corresponding reference number?

    Plugin Author Shadi Manna


    The corresponding reference number should be in your DHL business portal, please ask your DHL representative exactly where.

    However, where do we enter the corresponding reference number in DHL for WooCommerce settings once we identified it in DHL business portal?

    Plugin Author Shadi Manna


    Thanks, we’ve been told the Shipper Reference is being generated for every shipping. So nobody know what to enter in this input field.

    Is there any additional unique Shipper Reference for every DHL Business Customer that never changes?

    Plugin Author Shadi Manna


    I think there is some confusion regarding the terminology.

    What I would ask DHL is that you are looking for the Shipper Reference from the DHL Business Portal which allows you to print your logo via the DHL Paket API.

    Hi @shadim,

    thanks a lot for your advice.

    However, I spoke to 4 different people at DHL business customer support (sales reps as well as tech support agents) in Germany today, and no one of them had a clue about this required number.

    Is it identical with the EKP (customer id), or what kind of number is it?
    (If it is EKP, I would not see the need o enter it again, as the EKP is mandatory for the plugin to work – correct?)

    I even registered for the developers portal of DHL to have a look at the API documentation, but could not find any info on this number there..

    Maybe you can ask your DHL contact what kind of number we’re talking about here exactly, as the regular support employee does not seem to have a clue about this at all ­čśů

    Thanks! ­čÖé

    Plugin Author Shadi Manna


    Enter a sender in the sender address book in the business customer portal, a reference can be stored there.

    Let me know if this works.

    Yes, so the solution is to use “sender reference” (or “Absenderreferenz” in German Version) value from DHL business customer portal

    English Version:
    1. on DHL business portal (online), navigate to
    Ship > Address-Book > Sender
    2. “Create new sender” (or edit an existing one)
    3. upload your logo (if not already done)
    4. don’t forget to save your changes
    5. in the sender you just edited, copy the value from field “Sender Reference” (just below headline “Basic Data” on top of the page), then go to
    6. WordPress > wooCommerce
    in DHL plugin for wooCommerce setting (Shipping > DHL Paket), paste the value to “shipper reference” and check the box on top of it “Add Logo”
    7. done (now you should see your logo next to the sender address on your shipping label)

    German Version:
    1. Im DHL Gesch├Ąftskundenportal navigieren zu:
    Versenden > Adressbuch > Absender
    2. Dort “Neuen Absender” erstellen (oder bestehenden bearbeiten)
    3. Logo hochladen (falls nicht schon geschehen)
    4. Änderungen speichern
    5. Den im eben bearbeiteten Absender unter “Basisdaten” im Feld “Absenderreferenz” (oben auf der Seite) hinterlegten Wert kopieren, und dann
    6. in WordPress > wooCommerce
    im DHL plugin f├╝r wooCommerce in den Einstellungen (unter Versand > DHL Paket) im Feld “shipper reference” den Wert einf├╝gen und das H├Ąkchen bei “Add Logo” aktivieren
    7. fertig (jetzt sollte das Logo auf den Versandschein neben der Absender-Adresse aufgedruckt werden)

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    Plugin Author Shadi Manna


    Thank you for the detailed steps, that will be very helpful for others.

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