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  1. m0pman
    Posted 6 years ago #

    ok, so basically im pretty new to all this and my coding knowledge is pretty minimal but im giving it a go :) gotta start somewhere, anyway:

    i have no idea, whatsoever where to, in the code, add an image etc. or how to do it really :/
    what part of the code, in what file, am i going to have to edit to change:
    the header,
    and the background.

    if anyone could please tell me you'd forever be in my debt.

    (if it makes any difference, the style im using is "WP Framework" its meant to be an easy, clean theme for editing. it'd help if i knew what i was doing :))


  2. Ben Sutcliffe
    Posted 6 years ago #

    To change the header -> header.php
    index -> index.php
    sidebar -> sidebar.php
    footer -> footer.php

    The styles in each and every page will be controlled by style.css. For a page background you would use:

    body {

    Have a look at this and, especially, this for help.

  3. m0pman
    Posted 6 years ago #

    mate, thanks tons. i only have one other problem now. ive done some basic editing (adding in a background etc) and im trying to add in a header image instead of just having the writing. only problem is that it doesnt sit right under the tag line so it cuts off half the image :S

    how exactly do i go about dropping the image down by px? if thats at all possible.

    if you need to see what im on about, check (http://thatsmint.tk)

    cheers mate.

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