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  • I am trying to send a resume created on word with a html extension to my blog so that it can be an attachment or page or whatever to my blog. I have Filzila FTP, and I have attempted to send it to my web host. I chose the blog folder to send it to, to the remote site, but when I go to the web host it does not appear in the list of files. Also, even if it was there, I don’t know how to then put it into the blog so that it becomes a page or a lead or a feed or whatever it should be. I do not know much about managing the data base or the files on the web host. Can any one begin somewhere in helping me?

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  • 1. Things created in MS products are not really for the web.

    2. Even if you save an MS Word document as “html” it’s a badly coded BS – it’s a shame to post it on your pro website.

    3. WordPress has an upload facility in the Write Post subpanel, and it will even let you to upload a html file – but it will not be displayed in post or Page. It might appear on its onw as a totally different page

    4. You don’t need to know much about “managing database” – but you definitely should become familiar with WP’s feature and capabilities, if you want to use it.

    Agreed — I do not recommend posting anything infected by a Microsoft product on the Internet without sanitising it first.

    However, your WordPress Write Post page has a “Paste from Word” feature where you can safely copy-and-paste your document from Word into a blog post or page. This feature is accessible from the “Advanced Toolbar”, which you can find by pressing Shift+Alt+V while composing a post or clicking the far-right button on your post editor toolbar. This will expand the Advanced Toolbar, where you will find a Paste from Word button.

    I hope it’s now clear that any content that you want displayed on the WordPress site must be entered via the WordPress administration panel. You cannot add content to WordPress via FTP by its nature — it does not even store your posts where the FTP lies. Rather, it stores everything in the database, which cannot be accessed via FTP.

    Thank you, I do understand what I should do now, and your advice answered a lot of questions for me.

    Can you help me on this one: I have created the blog to be an e-portfolio for my tutor. Part of the e-portfolio has to different documents, such as a resume, a biography, a professional development statement. Would I be better creating these in documents in WordPress, or creating them in Word and then cutting and pasting into a page? If I cut and paste into a page, then it will have the same type of page (ie the theme page) that my whole blog has, and that is what I was trying to avoid – I wanted at least the resume etc to be a different and separate document.

    Also, if I uplift it using WordPress, and it appears on its own as a completely different page, how do I find it and how do I attach it into the side panel as RESUME or whatever? I did attempt to uplift a document as an experiment, but I then couldn’t find it anywhere.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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