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  • Hi,
    My webhost (GoDaddy) provides a tool for SQL database backup and restore. I read WP codex on database backup, but still don’t understand- is it sufficient to have SQL backup, or I need additionally to backup my wp_content (or possibly something else)?

    My second question is: since the WP instructs to disable plugins before upgrading WP version, will all plugins settings stay after I disable and then re-enable them, or I would need to customize them from scratch (I am talking about plugins like SEO, cache, etc.)?

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  • 1. you need to back all of your database table also with wp-content
    – database hold your wordpress configuration and post
    – wp-content hold your themes, plugins, upload, etc
    the most important priority is database backup, at least backup ur database twice a week.

    2. you do not need to configure the plugins again after upgrading wp.
    but make sure you have database backup before upgrading wp.

    you need to back all of your database table also with wp-content…

    Do you mean by “database table” all folders and files? In other words, I need to download everything from root directory, correct?
    I am still confused, what does sql backup do?

    Hi Izr0,

    WordPress mainly uses:

    1. The MySQL database to store the actual content, comments, information about each user and some plugins store data there as well.

    2. The php files which are the main script which connects to the database and that is WordPress. This can be downloaded each time from

    3. wp-content is the directory which contains all the plugins and themes you are using.

    So to make a proper backup, you need to back up the MySQL database (typically a *.sql file) and the wp-content directory only.

    To be on the safe side, I would recommend you to download and backup all the files and directories in the root of your website, including wp-admin etc. Some people have additional folders (unrelated to WordPRess) which they might still need. So backing up the root is always recommended.

    database table

    for example you have a database called “wordpress” then inside the database there are some tables. You need to backup all tables or in simple words you need to backup “wordpress” database.

    1. MySql database hold all information of your wordpress like posts, pages, comments, configuration, etc. If you lose this, then you need to make new posts, configure anything from scratch, lose your visitor comments, etc.

    2. Talking about files backup, the most important from files backup is anything inside wp-content due any uploads (media, plugins, themes) are in this folder. So back-up this folder is very important.

    3. If you have free time, you can also backup files on root folder. To save your time, separate the backup. i mean, backup the root files without wp-content (it will save time to download) then backup the wp-content.

    So you will have 2 backups, first the root files without wp-content and the second only wp-content files.

    *) root folder is where you can find wp-config.php

    blacklizt and Johnb81,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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