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  • I have an older installation of WP (2.0.1). I’d like to upgrade to 2.3. However, when I’ve tried to upgrade in the past, my entire blog would break, I’d have to call my host (they’ve always been gracious), and they’d have to restore my blog back to an earlier “backup.” It has been extremely frustrating, to the point where I’m anxious about doing it again.

    Yet I tried to do it today. I actually have another domain to which I tried to copy everything from the blog with the old installation to a new domain with what I thought was the new installation. A support person from my host company walked me through it. It appeared to work for a second, until I discovered the pages weren’t redirecting. He wasn’t versed on WP, so he didn’t know what files did what in terms of attempting to redirect my pages.

    So I deactivated my plugins, deactivated my highly customized theme, activated the default WP theme, and attempted an upgrade. Needless to say, my blog broke again, and the support person is now restoring my blog – again.

    Can anybody help me with this? I’d like to learn how to upgrade my WP installations without having my blog break and having to call my host provider each time.

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  • Did you have a chance to read this?

    No. Thank you. Could you tell me how to copy my blog files to a new domain and redirect?

    Redirect what and where and why?

    The Codex is a collection of collective wisdom…
    When you move your blog you need to move
    a) the WP files (meaning download via FTP from the old server and upload them to the new one)
    b) AND THIS IS THE REAL IMPORTANT PART! – backing up/exporting your database; that’s where all the content it, there is nothing in the files, just the “engine”

    and the relevant links from those pages…

    Thank you. I have a lot to read and learn here, evidently. I’ll put forth a little more work here, not be so afraid of the technical, and make it work. Thanks so much for your help!

    So I guess upgrrading with fantastico isn’t a good idea? I won’t attempt it then.

    Upgrading is OK – if you know what are you doing.
    Upgrading and moving it in the same time to another domain… is not a wise thing.

    I asked about redirecting, but really what I meant is this: while I’m upgrading my main blog, I’d like to copy everything from the blog that needs updating (.com) to another URL (.net) – posts, comments, pages, categories, etc. I would like for my readers to not know that I’m doing an upgrade to my current blog (.com), so I’d like to redirect from the old blog (.com) to the new blog (.net) with the copied over files. A support person from my host provider tried to walk me through that yesterday, but what happened was that since we were doing a straight copy to a new database, and after doing a redirect (through the cpanel from the old blog to the new), the redirect worked only for the home page. When you clicked on another page, it “redirected” back to the corresponding old blog page (.com). And then when you clicked back on the main page (.net), it also reverted back to the home page of the old blog (.com).

    Is there a way that I can copy over the files to the new blog (.net), but have it always be looking at the files from the new (.net) instead of the old (.com) until I can upgrade my installation on the old (.com)?

    1. The address of the site-blog is stored in the database, so copying over a database to another URL without a change – will never work.
    There are 2 (two) values in the wp_option table in the database – “home” and “site_url” – that must be changed to the new address.
    It can be done manually, using phpMyadmin to edit the database, see:
    or using this script:

    2. On the other hand, while wasting your time with this redirect thingy (and remember, if you redirect .com to anywhere else, you will never see what the result of the upgrade is!)… you could have done the upgrade ten times.

    LOL!!! Thank you for your candor and assistance. I’ve already backed up the database; and I will be backing up my site shortly.

    Again, thank you for responsiveness. I really did LOL loudly when I read #2 of your response.

    Moshu, while I probably wouldn’t have been able to upgrade 10 times (maybe 8), I just completed the upgrade with hardly a glitch. The only glitch, really, has to do with my theme. So I have to figure out one bit of customization I had before. Nevertheless, I thank you so much for your firm graciousness and pointing me to the instructions to complete the upgrade. Indeed, I have a bit more confidence in doing upgrades in the future. In fact, I have absolutely nothing to be anxious about anymore!

    Thank you again.

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