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[Resolved] Upgrading WordPress & SSL with Nginx

  • cheezitman


    We’re running WordPress with Nginx all on SSL.

    I just tried to upgrade to 3.5.2 and when I went to update sites I got:

    Warning! Problem updating https://teachersh.scis-his.net/hqtransitions5-6. Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed

    It seems that something is wrong with my SSL cert even though Firefox, and Chome and IE seem ok with it.

    My config file contains:

    server {
            listen 443;
            ssl on;
            server_name shteachers.scis-his.net ;
            ssl_certificate /etc/ssl/combined.crt;
            ssl_certificate_key /etc/ssl/*.scis-his.net.key;

    What could be wrong? I know I could hack the update.php file, or write an mu plugin, but I’d rather not do something that goes around verifying the SSL cert.

    My Cert comes from Godaddy BTW.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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