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  • Trying to upgrade to 3.1.1 but something is going tits!  (doing it separate from our live site)

    All posts don’t work, just pages!  So it’s not the url rewriting.

    Our current live site works perfectly on 3.0 so doubt it’s version of php or iis

    I have tried a completely clean instal of WordPress and new database, and everything works perfectly fine!!  So I thought I’d import all the posts, and of course there is a file size limit!

    So could it be a plugin causing a schema issue? I deactivated all plugins but no joy.

    Not sure next course of direction…other than hand copying 8000 posts by hand!



    Running on windows server 2008 (which works amazingly well btw, 500k unique visits a month!)
    Fully dedicated server

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  • Thanks for the link. That is quite a nice wee tool, although when you ask it to split into 2mb chunks they were coming out at 2.89.

    The file upload this time, and started to import but all the items in the first file failed to import – “Failed to create new user for xxx. Their posts will be attributed to the current user.”


    Ok taking this further, it seems that whatever the WordPress engine is doing, it is making the decision that the post is actually a page. I saved and displayed the queries and the query that was called was to do with pages.

    Now doing the same on the live site, the query was correct and found the post!

    Working my way backwards…

    Ok I need to take back the “it’s not the URL Rewriting”.

    Hitting the url


    on my development site and the post appears corectly. The permalinks are set to:


    So what I wonder, and hope someone can help me before I spend hours debugging this, is where WordPress gets a hold of the URL and starts to parse it…

    Dammit! Almost fixed it. I noticed that the match that the code found was in such a place that the new code in 3.1.1 didn’t continue searching, it looks like it changed to be the “first find is the right find” and the rules should be in the right order…I would agree with that. So I copied the new URL rewriting rules straight from a clean database, and bingo my posts started appearing… but bang all the category pages disappeared 🙁

    Will do the same again and see what comes out.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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