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Upgrading without ftp ?

  • I’m using wordpress on linux and having the hardest time setting up an ftp site to work. When I access my wordpress and login and attempt to update it asks for “ftp information”. I have this workng on my Mac OSX but in linux can’t get it figured out.

    Is there a way to disable the needed “ftp” information to get any updates I may need. I’m just running wordpress on localhost for testing and site development. Thanks for any help,


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  • Is there a way to disable the needed “ftp” information to get any updates I may need.

    Not that I am aware. You can just update manually though.

    I assume that you input your username and password when the system asked for “ftp information”? Just guessing but, I suspect that there is no FTP server running on your linux box, or that it isn’t set up to use user directories.

    Your correct, I am having issues with getting an FTP server configured and running despite tons of fourm help and reserch. Linux does not offer any FTP Server with a GUI configuration. There are several ftp servers available and ALL are configured at system level through the command line. I am very familiar with wordpress both on my Mac OS running on my local server and my website http://imagesbysamuel.com. I’m just trying to learn linux and have Apache 2 and WordPress installed, but the hassel of updating and or searching for plugins without ftp is a lot of work. I am “OCD” and will eventuall figure out how to get a ftp server running on my Linux environment. I’m very aware about manual updates but searching for and installing plugins I’ve never done without the ftp access working for word press. Thanks.


    Sorry. There isn’t any way I know to get WordPress’ FTP system working without an FTP daemon on the server.

    Have you considered adding the SSH2 extension to php, and circumventing the need for an ftp server completely? What flavor and version of Linux are you using?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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