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  • I seem to have painted myself into a corner. I had a blog at a company I co-owned with a partner. We’ve dissolved the partnership. I get the blog. He gets the URL (my choice). I backed up the old blog’s mySQL files (WordPress 1.5.2) I have a new URL. I’ve installed WordPress (both 2.0.3 in one folder and 1.5.2 in another. I can’t import the old DB into the new WordPress without error messages. I can inmport the old DB into the installation of 1.5.2, but I can only get to the first page – all the links direct me to the old URLs. The old blog no longer exists. I want to port all my old posts to my new blog. I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to go into mySQL and manually copy each record. Is there a way to import the old DB into a new URL? I know there must be, but I don’t know where the relative link info is kept.

    I’d be grateful for any help on this…I have hundreds of posts I want to salvage!


    – Brad Kozak

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    Check if you followed the steps about changing the site_url and home values in the DB.

    Did all that. I copied my SQL file, and did a search and replace for the old domain/address ( and replaced it with the new one ( So far so good. Removed all the old tables in the DB from mySQL and re-imported everything. Checked to make sure all the changes “took” in the DB. I still get only the main page. When I click on any link, I get a “page not found” link. I’ve looked at the DB in the text editor – the data is all there. Even the archives links are broken. Can you help?

    Even stranger, I can login and get to the Manage Posts page. ALL my posts are there, and I can edit any of them. However, I can’t click on the “view” link for any of them, nor can I get to the categories, et cetera. The data is all there. The links are all broken. What am I doing wrong?

    The database structures of 1.5.2 and 2+ aren’t compatible. What you need is a manual installation of 1.5.2 (most hosting don’t offer one click installation for old version), restore the database before you upgrade to WP 2.0.3

    I haven’t done this before it should be OK.

    Figured out the problem in the old DB – it was the permalinks. I needed to append /index.php/ to the begining of the string.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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