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  • Information on Upgrading.

    Backing up your database is <u>ESSENTIAL</u>

    A guide on Codex can be found here:

    A guide can also be found here:

    The guides may differ slightly but both are safe to use. Please take your time and follow them – and if you are unsure, post here first.

    There have been a huge number of changes (500 +) in the core. Studying Trac will show you all the changes if you are keen on reading that. There is not and will not be a changelog here. It is highly recommended that you fully replace the core files.

    New in 2.0
    Have a read:

    Multi-user blogs
    There have been significant changes to the user levels. If you have different users, you must satisfy yourself how this will affect your blog. If you run any sort of plugin that restricts what different users see or can do depending on their level you must be confident about the upgrade. Check everything – do not come back here complaining about user levels if you have not checked and made absolutely sure you know exactly what will happen. The place you need to check is

    Plugins I
    This page has details:
    Check FIRST. Please don’t upgrade and then say the plugins do not work. There are many plugins that break. Check first and if you need to contact the author, ask nicely 🙂

    Plugins II
    Deactivate plugins before upgrading. If you do not you may get errors and the advice here will be to delete those plugins. Your choice.

    Problems ?
    If you experience any, post to this thread. Please give us lots of information such as:
    Your site
    Your host
    The precise error
    What you have done to try and mend the blog
    If you really did follow the full upgrade instructions. We can tell you know… 🙂

    Also, do not just say “I have the same problem” as someone else – you probably haven’t – you should state your problem in full, along with what you have done.

    And please remember – all the help you get here is provided by other members.

    (from the wonderful Podz)

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  • Here is the easy way 🙂
    Change the site_url and home values in the options table in the DB.

    Thanks Jonlandrum, I was thinking about that when
    Moshu left his link. It worked perfectly.
    Thank you people.

    By the way, where the hell is “post new thread”?
    I’m feeling dumb…


    I’m getting several request on italian forum about a problem with plugin. People upgrade correctly, all works fine but the plugin doesn’t activate, the activate msg show up but the status still remain activate and the plugin is not working.

    The plugins are all compatible with 2.0

    On the main page of the forum scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the main sections of the forum. Select one of them – where your question fits the best – and click. Scroll down again > you’ll se the form to start a new topic.</OT>

    I know this is going to sound silly but where can I download the 2.0 version of wordpress.. ive looked and i guess i must be blind.

    If you click on the Download tab at the top of the page, you’ll see the current link blocks for zip and tar.gz distros….

    Will some flavor of comment previewing ever be a standard feature in WordPress? Most other popular weblog software has it and I’m quite disappointed it’s not included with 2.0 (AFAICT).

    I always dread posting stylized comments on WP weblogs without the ability to preview how they’ll be displayed. Or am I missing something that already provides that functionality? Thanks for any suggestions.


    I too had the problem with plugins not activating. See comment #36 above.

    I just upgraded my wp 1.5 to 2.0. Everything seem working just fine EXCEPT all my Å, Ä and Ö’s (swedish characters) are gone! They are still there in the admin area! files are uploaded in my languages folder..

    Thanks to all hard working wordPress developers!
    What a Christmas gift!

    I followed the very precise instructions for upgrading, althoug I already had the RC2 installed.
    I made a backup of my database with the backup plugin and
    a backup of all directories in my WP installation,
    disabled all plugins and
    deleted all files and directories except the wp-content directory and the wp-config.php config file.
    I then copied the wp 2.o distribution to my server blog directory.
    Finally I run the wp-admin/upgrade.php script from my browser.
    I checked my permalink structure and as I’m not using any .htacess file, it worked as before.

    So now I’m off to check my plugins.

    Upgrade over RC3 worked just fine; all the plugins that worked in RC3 are still fine. Permalinks are fine (so far) though I understand there seems to be a “time bomb” situation for some people?

    I guess the next thing is to try upgrading a 1.5.2 install….

    Aziza: I don’t know what the problems are with your “special” Swedish characters. As a Swede I’m also using the same characters and I still have them after installing WP 2.0.

    This is something unicode was supposed to solve. However it’s not without complications.

    The browser will see an XHTML page with a certain charcter set like UTF-8 or iso-8859-1 and should interpret the page content accordingly.
    The content is stored in a MySQL database and it is also possible to set the character set for the database.

    You may find some advice in this thread:

    Petit member > Thanks for your reply!
    Well I have no idea on whats wrong.. I’ve checked my settings everywhere and it still says iso-8859-1, still my å, ä and ö’s are gone in my posts but not in my sidebar for an instance! Strange!

    Strange indeed!
    Maybe you should check how it looks inside your database using mySQL Admin.
    I’m using charset=UTF-8 which you may view source at my dummy blog at
    ( This is relly a dummy so far and not released 🙂

    Petit> I used B2 before WP and when converting to WP my sw characters looked really strange when using UTF-8

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