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  • Information on Upgrading.

    Backing up your database is <u>ESSENTIAL</u>

    A guide on Codex can be found here:

    A guide can also be found here:

    The guides may differ slightly but both are safe to use. Please take your time and follow them – and if you are unsure, post here first.

    There have been a huge number of changes (500 +) in the core. Studying Trac will show you all the changes if you are keen on reading that. There is not and will not be a changelog here. It is highly recommended that you fully replace the core files.

    New in 2.0
    Have a read:

    Multi-user blogs
    There have been significant changes to the user levels. If you have different users, you must satisfy yourself how this will affect your blog. If you run any sort of plugin that restricts what different users see or can do depending on their level you must be confident about the upgrade. Check everything – do not come back here complaining about user levels if you have not checked and made absolutely sure you know exactly what will happen. The place you need to check is

    Plugins I
    This page has details:
    Check FIRST. Please don’t upgrade and then say the plugins do not work. There are many plugins that break. Check first and if you need to contact the author, ask nicely 🙂

    Plugins II
    Deactivate plugins before upgrading. If you do not you may get errors and the advice here will be to delete those plugins. Your choice.

    Problems ?
    If you experience any, post to this thread. Please give us lots of information such as:
    Your site
    Your host
    The precise error
    What you have done to try and mend the blog
    If you really did follow the full upgrade instructions. We can tell you know… 🙂

    Also, do not just say “I have the same problem” as someone else – you probably haven’t – you should state your problem in full, along with what you have done.

    And please remember – all the help you get here is provided by other members.

    (from the wonderful Podz)

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  • I have downloaded WordPress 2 and everything was fine.
    i didn’t do any database backup, I just uploaded the files to
    the server.
    But now, on my blog (
    When I want to change the skin of the page on the page itself,
    I click once but the skin continues the same, then I click again
    then the skin changes. But on the page adress doesn’t display, it displays name of the theme)
    What can I do to fix this?

    Updated as per the instructions and everything works like a charm! I love the new admin interface, by the way.


    It’s not working!


    everyone here volunteers to help, please don’t expect an immediate response.

    I also have that problem on your blog, perhaps the code setting it is not working as it should? is is compatiable with WP 2.0?

    Perhaps check wether the code is fully compatiable with 2.0

    I had an issue with my installation that I could not activate any plugins. The page would display the text “Plugin activated” even though it was not. I was able to fix it with a minor change to the plugins.php file. Please look here.  Basically I needed to add an exit command after the header(’Location: XXX’); commands.  Don’t know why this was not a problem in the past but it was screwing me up.

    Ok something really is odd now, despite me changing all the URIs. I have the two installations: 1.2.2 and 2.0, but when I log onto to one of them, I can’t log onto the other.

    I can successfully log into one admin panel, and use all the controls within. I can log out and log back in again. When I go to the other admin panel, I get the login screen, and I just keep getting the login screen no matter how many times I try and login in. If I close the tab and go directly back into the admin panel, I can get to the dashboard but as soon as I click on another link I get redirected back to the login page.

    If I restart my computer, I can choose to login to either one and login successfully but upon doing so I can’t login to the other one.


    I upgraded to 2.0 and it is working at my site though there is a minor glitch.

    When I goto write a new post or page I get this message,

    Error: Could not find the template function : TinyMCE_advanced_getEditorTemplate

    Any ideas what is wrong?

    Thanks a lot,

    Any word on when a. themes will be downloadable (I get 404s on all the 2.0 compliant themes) or b. 1.5 themes might be useable (are there that many changes to the presentation?).

    Sounds like Alex King needs to have a new theme throwdown.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    billsaysthis, leslei0007, Jewels, and Mohib, please create a separate support forum thread for your issues.

    Paul, a. Themes can be downloaded from this location:

    b. Most v1.5.x themes should be compatible with WP v2.0. The only adjustment made to the theme system for WP v2.0 was the added possibility of a special theme-specific plugin-like settings page and a thumbnail for each theme to display in the Presentation menu. More info:

    Two flawless upgrades here thanks to excellent instructions and even better codewriting. THANK YOU, DEVELOPMENT TEAM!!!


    Weird little thingy, might be overlooking something, but when comments are posted, it says on the frontpage that there aren’t any. Althoguh for older posts it DOES say there are comments. What am I missing here?

    More to the point, where has the download link gone? It’s not on the beta page anymore and the support topic that did have the link has disappeared

    EDIT: Just discovered that the Release Candidate isn’t there any more because WordPress 2.0 has been released.


    I’m unable to see where to create a new topic so I’ll leave
    my question here.
    After upgrading to WP 2.0, I changed by mistake the field
    WordPress address (URI) from


    and now I can’t access or change anything in the dashboard.
    I get this message when i try to change it back:

    Sorry, you need to enable sending referrers for this feature
    to work.

    The blog doesn’t work properly now so can anyone can help me?
    Thanks a lot.

    Well, one way to fix that (probably the hard way) is to FTP all the WP files to the main directory, change the WordPress URI field back to, then FTP the WP files back to the original placement.


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