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  • Having same issue on one of my WP Network sites. The Database still has the code blocks which is a good thing. Hopefully I can find out whats causing this issue if the Plugin Developer doesn’t have a solution soon. I am trying to replicate on my development server

    Love this plugin and will try to help and fix

    Thread Starter Sunthing


    Just realized that too, that the code blocks are there, just not appearing at all in the plugin’s menu.

    So far there is a problem with the “WHERE” SQL parameter

    Line 58
    public function get()

    When I remove the {$WHERE} from the SQL query I am able to get the blocks to appear. But I am assuming that var is there for an important reason for other functions so I will try to make it work.

    I have fixed the problem

    Turns out WordPress may have changed one of the vars in the WPDB object.

    Open file plugins/css-javascript-toolbox/framework/db/mysql/

    Change line 133
    $data = mysql_escape_string($data, $this->wpdb->dbh);

    $data = mysql_escape_string($data);

    I have tested the following
    -All blocks show up in admin
    -Create new code bocks
    -Save code blocks
    -Shortcodes on frontend

    Hopefully this solves any other issues

    Hey guys!

    Thank you for both all.

    Thank you bloomspin for your investigation. We really appreciate that. We just checking out WordPress 3.9 incompatibility issues and going to make new release very soon.

    I just upgraded to WordPress 3.9 and everything works fine but I will check again.

    We will make you all posted.

    Sunthing — I know you’re running CJT PRO edition — Are you using WPMU site too?

    bloomspin — Are you running FREE?Community edition?

    Thanks guys!


    Your welcome glad to help. I am currently testing the free version

    Hello guys,

    You’re both guys has PHP 5.5. This enforce WordPress “3.9” to use MYSQLI for connecting to Database instead of MYSQL extension. MYSQL extension has been deprecated in WordPress version 5.5.

    We will fix this in the next release.




    Bloomspin, thanks for exploring this issue. I tried changing the line, but it does not bring the existing snippets back in the admin. One thing though: line 133 didn’t look like yours did:

    $data = mysql_real_escape_string($data, $this->wpdb->dbh);

    The apparent difference is “mysql_real_escape_string”.

    Any other suggestions that someone can offer?

    Thanks in advance.


    $data = esc_sql($data);

    Paul sounds like you are on a different version. The plugin author has found the issue I would wait for his next release it may solve any other problems



    That worked AHMeD.

    Thanks guys

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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