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  • Upgrading is just not working for me. I installed WordPress 2.5 from my Host provider (Free Virtual Servers) as an Add-0n because that was the laest version available. I have now integrated it with our website, blogs, social media etc. I tried upgrading by following the extended instructions and ruined it. I had to start over again from scratch about 4-5 times with the same unsucessful result. Now that I have once again installed and have the 2.5 version correct I am afraid to try to upgrade again and ruin it againl

    Then I had an idea. It can be very dangerous when I have an idea! I installed a fresh WordPress 2.5 with no plugins, no addons, just the plain basic WorPress 2.5 and installed it into the directory ”wordpress2″ so if the upgrade failed agin it would not ruin the existing correct one installed in the directory “wordpress.” My idea was that if the upgrade worked i could rename the upgraded “wordpress2″ directory to the “wordpress” and delete the orignal WordPress 2.5 that is working fine. I’ve tried uploading the wp-config-sample.php, deletign the contents and copying the contents of the existing wp-config.php file into it. \i’ve tried ading the statements from the sample config file to the existing wp-config.php file. Failure, after faiilure, after failure and I fianlly deiced to make my first post to the fourm. I’ve sudenly gotten another idea to try it again whilst I’m waiting for a response from you.

    Help please?

    Thank you!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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