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  1. Starchild1
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi again:

    I just spent another hour downloading and insatlling a fresh copy of WordPress 2.5.1 (the only one available from my Host Provider. I made no changes or add-ons toit but installed it just as it came without problems. I installed it inot the directory @wordpresstwo" to avoid ruining the current existing one installed in the directroy "wordpress"

    I meticuously fololowed the extended upgrade instructions to the letter. When I went to the URL for it after my upgrade i received the foolowing error message:

    "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_remote_post() in /home/starchil/public_html/wordpresstwo/wp-includes/cron.php on line 204"

    Is there any option to just download the WordPress 2.7.1 already upgraded? Why is this so diffcult?

  2. You can get the latest and greatest download here: http://wordpress.org/download/

    Also, shoot your host for offering 2.5.1 (seriously, if they're THAT far behind, I wouldn't recommend using their installers for anything.)

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