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  • I just switched to wordpress and I love it, but now this new update comes out and I’m a little confused about how to do the update. In the update instructions it says “Upload the new files, and be careful not to overwrite anything important.” What do they mean? Do I upload all the included files, but won’t that mess up my blog? What files do I specifically upload/overwrite? Please give me step-by-step instructions, thanks.

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  • You say *mess up your blog*. You need to remember that nearly all the important stuff is in the mysql db and that can not be messed up by an install / upgrade. In the worst case someone might lose touch with the data for a limited period. So you are safe. BUT: Any files which are special to you you should copy so you can put them back in. Typically that will always be index php and wp-layout.css. Plus if you have *hacked* any other WP files you would need to change them as well. But by the sound of it you may not have done much hacking so its just index and the CSS.

    I just updated two of my blogs. It’s simple. I have two files that I have edited myself: index.php and my stylesheet. After unzipping 1.2.1 I delete those two from the new distro, back up the one on my server and ftp all of 1.2.1 to the server. No problems here.

    Thanks! I just updated my blog with no problem at all! I really love WordPress, if you want to check out my blog it’s at

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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