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  • Plugin Author Michael Bourne


    Greeting friends!

    Today Elementor announced version 2.6, which includes a completely reworked icon system and support for FontAwesome 5.

    What does this mean for the “Custom Icons for Elementor” plugin?

    I’ve already updated the codebase on Github to work with the new system. I would appreciate it if people could test it out for me.

    Version 0.3 of my plugin will support the new icon font manager. One caveat (so far) is that the moment you click on any icon based element that is currently using one of your custom icons, the icon will be de-selected, and you will need to reselect it. I will work on a fix for that soon.

    Thanks for the support on this, and thank you to the 30k+ people who use my plugin. Anyone wishing to slowly migrate their icon fonts over to pure SVG icons with the new font manager is welcomed to do so.

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  • When will you update your site so we can create the zip files?

    Plugin Author Michael Bourne


    Hey @wyohost

    This plugin will be updated once Elementor 2.6 releases officially to ensure compatibility.

    Anyone doing Elementor beta testing is free to download the current code from github

    Since Elementor is now adopting the functionality of this plugin directly into their page builder, this plugin will only be updated for compatibility until the active installations number drops off. There’s no reason to duplicate functionality that will be native to Elementor.

    Thank you… I thought I had seen something about that implementation in 2.6 somewhere and I wasn’t really sure if this would still be needed after that point in time.

    Thank you for the reply.

    I’m still using your plugin after the update and is working fine (as far as I can tell). It seems that the icon library feature hasn’t been implemented on release. Also, the new icons can’t be added in all widgets, especially those from third party developers. Your plugin allows icons to be loaded in all plugins that accept icons so it’s still a viable option for now. I’ll report back if I see any bugs.

    i’m getting this error: [19-Jul-2019 14:39:30 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: json_url in /home/wp-content/plugins/custom-icons-for-elementor/elementor-custom-icons.php on line 403

    eta : the front end seems to be working just fine

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    Plugin Author Michael Bourne


    Hey @emilysparkle

    This should be fixed with a regen of css.

    @michaelbourne 3.0/3.1 were working great but I think something happened with the latest elementor 2.6.6 where the entire server starts using all memory and cpu when it’s activated.

    The strange thing is that I only have this problem on one site so I’m not really sure what the issue is.

    Plugin Author Michael Bourne


    I’ll take a look and see if anything changed in Elementor.

    By its nature, my plugin is very passive. It will only be working on the server during font uploads, and briefly during opening of elementor editors.

    If you see resource usage when neither of these things are happening, I’d say something else was to blame.

    With the release of Pro 2.6, I’d suggest trying to migrate to their icon system as well for future compatibility.

    Hi Michael,

    I have the same error message as emily sparkle above and my website doesn’t want to load anymore. It loads if I disable the plugin Custom Icons for Elementor. I have Elementor 2.6.6 + Elementor Pro 2.6.1 + Custom Icons for Elementor 0.3.1

    You said that “This should be fixed with a regen of css.” Which CSS and how can I accomplish that regen?

    Thanks in advance,

    Plugin Author Michael Bourne


    Hey @mmouellet

    In the custom icons settings page, there is a Regen CSS button at the bottom. This should be done after every update.

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