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  • I recently upgraded my php version from 5.2.5 to 5.3.8 and now my wordpress is all messed up.

    1. My main main only shows one blog post instead of 4.
    2. The posts themselves seem to be cut off. (FIrst paragraphs are missing)
    3. The title of the post does not match the post content.


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  • esmi


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    What happens if you switch to the default 2012 theme?

    Any error or warning messages?

    There could be a zillion reasons why what you mention is happening. We need to narrow it down much more than that.

    Turn your php debugging on… and post the error messages. If there are way too many, consider using, then post the link here.

    Nothing, when I switch to the default theme, the same wrong stuff shows up, though the preview in the new style shows correctly.

    @josh, no error or warning messages show up. How do you turn on php debugging?

    Well, as esmi was suggesting… the first thing to do would be to deactivate ALL plugins… switch to the default twentytwelve theme… and manually empty your browser cache.

    So, we would be testing a “vanilla” installation… with no additional scripts running.

    If it is working properly at that point… then you know the conflict is coming from either your theme, or from another plugin (or multiple plugins).

    But first, let’s see if it works with just twentytwelve and no plugins activated.

    OK, I disabled all the plugins and put the theme back to classic and the problem went away. I will activate one thing at a time and see what is messing things up.

    @josh, it was working with 2012 after removing all plugins.

    Then I was reactivating one plug in at a time and thought I found the culprit. However, now it is hanging on to the problem and I can’t change it back, even after deactivating the plugins again.

    The blog is still cutting off posts when you click on the individual topic.

    The blog is still cutting off posts when you click on the individual topic.

    It looks OK now. Clear cache and try again, use a different browser/ computer.

    The blog is still cutting off posts when you click on individual topics. It’s not fixed.

    It is not cutting off, I think, but are you using excerpts? Can you go to Screen Options (at the top) of any post and see if you have opted for excerpts?

    I am not opting for excerpts. It is definitely cutting off the top of the post.

    Can you revert to Twenty Eleven and see if the problem persists?

    She has contacted me. I’m going to hop in there and see what’s going on. I will post back here… especially if I feel it’s an issue with vanilla WP and PHP 5.3.8 (which is unlikely).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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