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    I have upgraded to WP 2.0 yesterday and facing some problems. I am unable to login to Admin as it keeps on redirecting. I have checked the option_value using PHP my admin and seems every thing is OK, except, the option_type has been set to 1, where as in ot shows as 3.

    I dont have much experiance in PHPmyAdmin and I have not change it to 3 as it is not recomended in above URL.

    I need some good person who can guide me or rectify the things for me. I have 3 sites where I need your immediate help. Please visit where the problem occures.

    Best Regards


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  • I have tried everything seems best of my knowledge but its not helping me 🙁

    First of all, clear the options in wp-content/cache/…/options.
    Yes, the options_type should be 3. I would try to change, though I do not know the inner workings.
    Perhaps, someone more knowledgeable could advice you.

    I have cleared the options 🙁 its still not working. I need help as users are also upable to log in. There are currently 50 users and every one is sending there requests….

    Did you chech both site_url and home in the options table ?
    These and the cache are the most general problems.
    There may be many procedure to solve your problem depending on your time and expertise.
    You may ask some good people here to take a look if you provide them with access to your database.

    Yes I am looking for some good people here, even I like to opt for paid support, so that every thing works fine. I am new here, If some one suggest me good people, will work for me.

    You may ask Podz or Moshu for example.
    Sometimes, they are willing to help this way.

    I just checked his admin panel and found that he was using some plugin called FrameBuster which does not allow wordpress to load into frame. But here the problem was..when we save the shows preview on the botton in the frame..

    So that plugin was not allowing it do do that and redirecting to main site..

    I have disabled the plugin and things are running fine now.


    For future reference: Had he used a more descriptive title, e.g. “when saving post redirecting to main site” instead of the totally ineffective “need immediate help” (which, BTW, just makes you NOT to want to look at the topic ;)…
    … he would have got help much-much earlier. It is well-known that the frame-buster doesn’t let you work in the admin. E.g.

    More info on posting:


    its true !!

    Actually i was so depressed and can’t think something else. Thanks for pointing it out Moshu. I posted it in a hurry. I will surely wont loose my head while posting 😀 Now I am bit relaxed.

    I thank Deep from heart to solve this problem. I never notice that the plugin will create a problem like this..

    Thanks a lot to all of you who took immediate attention.

    Best regards


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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