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  • On each of my blogs that upgraded from below 2.0 to 2.0 or above, the admin is very slow and _annoying_. The posting loading is slow, adding a custom field is slow, and sometimes I can’t get pages to load for QUITE some time, ETC.

    Any help?

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  • Ditto. I have no problem with my blog pages, they load very fast. However, when I log into the admin page and click on any function on the menu bar, it can take up to a minute to load. There are times when it does load in a reasonable amout of time but this is not very often.

    I can’t see where I can point the finger at the ISP since my blog pages load okay.

    Exactly, my public blog is still great (thank goodness). Sometimes I can hardly get functions in the admin to load for minutes. I always have to stop and restart.

    I have to sit and read a book while I get things to load – bad for my blogging job – good for college.

    Uuumm, bump? I’ve seen a ton of posts like mine, but nothing’s really resolved.

    dlsnet, how did you upgrade? I used the one-click upgrade through Dreamhost.


    Has this ever been resolved? I’ve just installed a fresh install of wordpress 2.2.1, and it is very slow in the admin screens.

    This is on our own server, manually installed on linux.

    The weird thing is after about 30 seconds, the admin screen start responding at normal speed – but to start with, you click a link and nothing happens.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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