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    Could you explain to how to upgrade to latest version. says i have to delete files but not the modded ones, ???


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Perhaps mine is a silly question, but its worth asking. (At least to me.)

    If I delete my wp-admin folder as instructed, will that cause me to lose my existing login information? Or, will I just zoom on through?




    All login information is stored in the database.
    All posts are stored in the database.
    All comments are stored in the database.
    All options are stored in the database.

    The only things not stored in the database are:
    the connection details specified in wp-config.php
    your theme files

    You can safely delete everything in /wp-admin/ and replace them with the new versions of those files without causing any distruption to your blog.

    Since your login info is stored as cookies in your local browser, deleting (and subsequently upgrading) wp-admin/ shouldn’t hurt anything.

    EDIT: skippy and I are both right. It depends on what you mean bey ‘login info’. All the user details are stored permentantly in the database, your user name and password (and a couple other bits) are encrypted and stored temporarily as a cookie allowing you to log into WP without having to type your password everytime.

    Thank you both!

    More Unfun!

    I followed all the steps located here:

    After backing up all my files -and- database.

    Now I get this nice little “error establishing a database” connection.

    Since this occured immediately after I upgraded, I’m thinking its not a coinkydink. I’m relatively new to wordpress and am quite confused as to how to rectify this problem. I’ve tried to access my qp-config.php file and no matter what page I go to, I get that same little screen.

    Check it out:

    P.S. I’ve checked on my database with my host, and it is active.




    Edit wp-config.php on your workstation, then re-upload it.

    Or, extract the wp-config.php file from your backup, and re-upload it.

    I’ll try that right quick.

    I saw it immediately, my DB password was incorrect, as I changed it before backing up. Thanks so much, I’m up and running.

    Quick and painless. Deleted the 5 files mentioned in the changelog. Uploaded the new copies. My site is now showing it is

    Nothing seems to have broken and things are smooth.

    I’m using ecto and I got this error.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /path/to/wordpress/xmlrpc.php on line 548.

    I guess that means I cannot post via ecto (or probably via any other xmlrpc client software).
    This sucks. I replaced xmlrpc.php to the old one until this problem is fixed.




    See this thread for updates regarding XMLRPC.

    WordPress fixes a remote vulnerability with XMLRPC, so using the version of xmlrpc.php is not advised.

    Oh, I didn’t check the topic for it says Thanks.
    I know it is a quite bad idea to use old xmlrpc (for this is THE one you wanted to replace the most), but I’d rather take a risk than simply waiting.

    You people are starting to freak me out about this upgrade. I’m paranoid enough!


Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 64 total)
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