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  • I have a lot of plugins to update… some rather old. I need to move through slowly and have the ability to restore just the last plug-in updated if it causes issues. I would like to try to avoid downloading the entire site (public_html) as a backup after each plug-in update if possible – but still be able to back out just the last plug-in.

    My plan is:
    1. download entire public-html (www) directory including wp-content
    2. download wordpress database/sql file
    3. upgrade a plug-in
    4. if there are issues, copy back the erred plug-in’s folder (only that plug-in) from the saved wp-content… then restore the WP database (sql file) to the version before that plug-in was updated. Move along to next plug-in to be updated and go back to step 3.

    5. if successful, restart at step 2 and move to upgrading the next plug-in.

    – Do I need to restore more than an individual plug-in directory and the database to reset the site to an earlier version of any particular plug-in? Are there other files in wp-content that are updated when updating a plug-in that I would need to restore, or does the plug-in folder and database cover it?

    – Does this plan look OK? Any other suggestions?


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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